2008 Monaco F1 GP – What they say about rain

Monaco Wet

It looks likely we may have wet race in Monaco this weekend. So it comes as no suprise that drivers are already expressing their opinions on Monaco race in the rain. There are not many on the grid that have wet race experience in Monaco (I believe the last time it rained during the race was in 1997). However many current drivers had a chance to give it a try last year during wet Saturday practice. Here are two opinions I found so far:

Lewis Hamilton:

“It will be especially difficult here in the wet, especially this year without traction control. Pedro de la Rosa (McLaren test driver) made a comment at the last test that it is incredibly difficult to get to full throttle here in the wet. And with this circuit being so tight, I think it’s going to be a disaster. But despite that, I’m still looking forward to it. It’s going to be a challenge.”

Jenson Button

“Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, it appears it’s going to be pretty awful. If there is rain, it’s going to make it 10 times more dangerous here than any other circuit because we no longer have traction control. And with the white lines going up to Casino Square, if you touch one you’ve a big chance of putting your car into the wall. So it’s going to be pretty intense, and you just hope we get some practice in before the race. The last thing we all want is to be barrelling into Casino with no practice in the wet in these cars.

It’s always exiting driving in the wet and in tough conditions. It’s what I enjoy because you can make a difference with your driving, and it means I’ve a better chance. In the dry we pretty much know where we are going to be. If we have a good lap in qualifying and everybody else does, then we should be around 10th to 12th. Unless anyone mucks up, then we pretty much know the outcome, but if it’s wet it can be very different, a very mixed-up grid, and a very mixed-up race.

It will be more exciting for me, that’s for sure, and for the fans too – on their big yachts, they might get a bit wet! But then it would be pretty crazy here in the wet, and I’ve never driven in the wet here without traction control. I’m sure we’ll get used to it because we’re all very good.”

I do hope we have wet qualifying at least and perhaps wet race too. Can you imagine Sutil on pole ?

Photo: F1Wolf.com

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  1. The thought of rain scares me. At Monoco during anything like a standard rain-shower, I would expect most of the race to be staged behind the safety car.

    Steve Robertson’s last blog post..From the BBC Hand Book 1928

  2. francoisNo Gravatar says:

    Unfortunately Steve it might be the case you’re probably right given the rubbish we had at Fuji last year.

    Send the SC out when there’s too much standing water out there for the cars to cope with – and I mean when they are really struggling not to aquaplane.Besides , running at full speed will help clear the standing water and establish a dry like quite quickly in most conditions anyway…

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I still do hope the race will be wet, but not the kind of wet we had in Japan last year :-)

    I think we will see SC out this year no matter the race is wet or dry , the cars seem to be attracted to Monaco barriers this year :-)


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