Why is Michael Schumacher still testing for Ferrari?

Shaun left this comment yesterday under one of the Barcelona test posts:

Why is Schumacher testing for Ferrari instead of Raikkonen or Massa ? sorry if this is an obvious question.

Michael Schumacher 2006 Hockenheim

Well, good question and I do not think it is obvious. Ferrari has Raikkonen and Massa plus test drivers proper Gene and Badoer. But they still use Michael Schumacher and used him again in Barcelona this week. Schumacher did one day of testing. This was half of what Massa did, but about a day more than Kimi (thanks to rain on Thursday). Why is he still testing ? And why do they keep two other test drivers on payroll when they do not use them (almost) at all?

He still probably gives the team valuable input but is his input more valuable than input from one of the race drivers would be ? How does Kimi like the fact that he gets less running ? Perhaps he likes it and is actually thankful to Schumi for stepping in :-) . But as far as I remember Kimi was never too excited about having Schumacher around.

Perhaps it is only publicity stunt as no matter what people may think about Michael Schumacher, he is a phenomenon that still attracts lots of attention.

Or perhaps it is just something that Jean Todt cooked up before leaving the team and Domenicali has to live with it now …

Well, who knows. The fact remains, Schumi is still around and he is definitely not slow.

There is another blog post on Michael Schumacher today here

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  1. marcNo Gravatar says:

    “Why is Schumacher testing for Ferrari instead of Raikkonen or Massa ?”

    Let me see… maybe because when you “fall down” in a Ferrari you don’t skin your butt cheeks like you do when going head-over-heels on a MotoGP bike.

    Just a guess. I could be wrong, I largely am on too many occasions.


    marc’s last blog post..Congrats Mulhern, You’re the Whiner of the Week

  2. fasNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe he is feeling jobless?


    fas’s last blog post..R1 vs GSX-R 1000

  3. ShaunNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the post :)

    Yeah i saw Schumi coming off the bike (was a Fireblade i believe), looked he tried one of his aggressive dives down the inside and got it wrong!

    Shaun’s last blog post..Times improve for the Rizla Suzuki boys

  4. marcNo Gravatar says:

    Fas, I should be so “jobless,” along with all of Schumi’s millions.

    marc’s last blog post..Will Seattle’s “Ball” Bounce into NASCAR’s Court?

  5. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Whatever it is it makes good entertainment and I still like schumi in the car. Keep him driving I say. :)

  6. BenNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe Schumi is testing to keep Massa & Raikkonen on their toes or to recruit Farrari fans…maybe he does offer strategical advantages over the other drivers.
    Personally I would prefer schumi would be back racing or be involved in the Formula 1 management…he can take over for mosley as far as I am concerned or maybe he could work on reviving the Super Aguri’s…but I don’t know if I like the idea of him testing if its taking time away from Raikkonen testing or getting him distracted, Its distracting me, though I’m not complaining :)
    Raikkonen is the champion now and deserves respect and consideration…..but maybe Kimi is feeling better about Schumi around now.

  7. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Perhaps he is testing for Ferrari, because if Ferrari does not allow him to test, he will test for someone else.


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