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Klokan and Fisheye - two F1Wolf readers and participants in the prediction game here at F1Wolf Generic Cialis Soft Online, - made it to the Far East for some trade fairs. 250mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, We went to see one fair in Macau yesterday, yes that Macau of Macau GP, Generic Cialis Soft Online us. 10mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, The trade fair ended up being more boring than some the F1 races can be. And as there is still over half a year to go to the 55th Macau GP the guys decided to go for something a bit more exciting - bungee jump off the Macau Tower, Generic Cialis Soft Online craiglist. 1000mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, I decided to stay down with my camera :-) and watch :

Macau Tower

More photos in the post:

Macau Tower

Jump off the Macau Tower

Jump off the Macau Tower

Jump off the Macau Tower

Mr.  Klokan and Mr, <b>Generic Cialis Soft Online</b>. Fisheye

Both Klokan and Fisheye made it, 500mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, 750mg Generic Cialis Soft Online,  Mr. Hackett kept his company's zero fatalities record and the F1Wolf's Prediction Game kept 2 players on the roster :-) . I am not sure if their pants survived it without blemish though, Generic Cialis Soft Online australia. 40mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, The only thing I could make of all the screaming and shouting on their very fast way down was " I **it my pants . "

Please, 30mg Generic Cialis Soft Online, bring on the racing :-) .

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    HEHEHEHEHEHE Nice time you spent there :)

    Wolf, you live in the far east? It seems to me your name is Czech, how is it?

    Nice jump guys, I already did one of more than 2.5 meters, unfortunatly was painful without the rope :P Luck, and don’t miss the race prediction! It will be lots of fun I think, difficult again with the technical changes.


  2. fatfishNo Gravatar says:

    well done boys …

    wow i want to do it too :)

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      not sure I would want to do that, but they also have a climb to the very top of the tower – to tip of the antena. that sounds very tempting :-)

  3. klokanNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, I can only suggest to everybody!!! Realy exicitng!

  4. CharlieNo Gravatar says:

    Hi guys, nice jump, would be great to bring here the video….

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