Toro Rosso debuts STR03 in Barcelona (with pictures)

As expected we have the third fin on the block, better said above the engine block :-) .

Toro Rosso STR03

Scuderia Toro Rosso revealed today in Barcelona their new car – STR03. Judge for yourself but I only see 3 differences between STR03 and RB4:

- Ferrari engine instead of Renault
- different paint job
- different guy driving the car

But no, this is not a customer car :-)

More photos inside the article.

Toro Rosso STR03

Toro Rosso STR03

Toro Rosso STR03

Photos: Red Bull / GEPA

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  1. marcNo Gravatar says:

    Guess you missed seeing the “Miosley Must Go” decal just under the Bridgestone logo.

    That’s change #4 :-)

    marc’s last blog post..Will Max Mosley be Saved by Devine Intervention?

  2. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like a new trend in the midfield this year. If you don’t know who is in the middle of the pack, just look for the fins.

  3. danielNo Gravatar says:

    true observation, midfield thing at the moment, but i still rank renault higher so question is if the top teams are also testing this fin thing. havent read any comments or thoughts from ferrari och mclaren yet, but things like this spead if they are successful so..

    daniel’s last blog post..Super Aguri: The fat lady sings

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  5. OleaNo Gravatar says:

    The new Toro Rosso car looks good. Lets hope that its performance will be as good as its look.

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I really don’t catch Marc’s comment today… And I’m a person full of sarcasm and irony (but that sometimes, usually I’m a kind boy  ). What the hell is this about “Mosley Must Go”? I don’t feel good with such talks already…

    What I can tell is that under the Bridgestone logo, as always we find the decal from Magneti Marelli, maybe the best producer of electronic components and devices for racing cars! Since FIA decided to give the authorization to MES-Microsoft to build the SECU, Magneti lost a big chance to develop on the super-tech production of electronics for F1, but of course they remain doing something. Except ECU’s and related things they now build electronic sensors and for sure more than one steering wheel over the entire paddock (Ferrari is known to use their electronic inside), ignition systems, gearbox and engine management devices, and more and more…

    Well, I’m going too far away from what I wanted to say…

    What is this about Max Mosley? Why everybody is commenting about him and not about the competition, the drivers or the technical changes upon the teams. To me Mosley’s life is completely uninteresting; truth is that I hate his point of view about F1 business, that’s why I ignore him. Let’s take spot over the next race in Spain, which is much more important than the grandpa’s affairs.

    Marc, I don’t pretend to offend you, it’s better to forget him, there is not much interesting on see Mosley’s nude bottom again… It was really awful. And maybe irritate (not only me) that this is the main talk about F1 last weeks… There are new devices and ideas out there! Let’s take them a look! There is a new race close!!

  7. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Is it just a poor picture, or does the paint job have horizontal streaks on it? What’s up with that, it makes it hard to see the details including the advertising.

    I agree with Daniel in that if Ferrari, McLaren, Sauber, and Toyota (with the best aero wind tunnel facilities) are not using the fin, it must not be working.

    I also thought the Mosley comment was hilarious…sorry Kotenok.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      The photos should not be poor, these are official photos provided by the team … The paint job however is horrible, as it always been … Big red can of paint splashed over RedBull car :-) If the new owver will ever think of getting any sposnsors, he will have to get rid of this sponsor message very unfriendly livery ….

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