Quick Update on Mosley – The teams and prince have spoken

The F1 teams kept radio silence for several day on the whole Max vs. NOTW issue. And then, not unlike in case of F1 news sites, several of them came out at the same time and made themselves heard:

BMW Sauber and McLaren-Mercedes

“The content of the publications is disgraceful. As a company, we strongly distance ourselves from it. This incident concerns Max Mosley both personally and as President of the FIA, the global umbrella organisation for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry. We await a response from the relevant FIA bodies.”

Mosley replied them in very weird manner:

“Given the history of BMW and Mercedes Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War, I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications. Unfortunately, they did not contact me before putting out their statement to ask whether the content was in fact true. No doubt the FIA will respond to them in due course as I am about to respond to the newspaper in question.”

Mario Theissen’s response to Mosley:

“We had no intention nor have we announced that we will back down from anything. We have put out a statement this morning. We have asked for a reaction of the relevant FIA bodies and we have the answer from Max Mosley that we will get a reaction from the FIA. We will not make any further comments until we have this reaction. I am a bit surprised that this whole thing is mainly seen as a Formula One issue. In my view, it is not. The FIA is the governing body, or the umbrella body, of the worldwide motoring clubs so it is not even the auto industry that is affected, it is the clubs. That is why we expect a reaction from the FIA first.”

and (excerpt)

“…we have not commented on the substance and the question of whether it is true or not. We have commented on the public perception of the situation. And that doesn’t need any discussion or explanation. The purpose of our statement is to make clear where our company stands.”

Toyota and Honda also expressed their veiws:

“Toyota Motorsport does not approve of any behaviour which could be seen to damage Formula One’s image, in particular any behaviour which could be understood to be racist or anti-Semitic. Senior figures within any sport or business, including motorsport, must adhere to high standards of behaviour. When all the facts are known, it will be for the FIA to decide whether Mr Mosley has met the moral obligations which come with the position of FIA President.”

“It is necessary that senior figures in sport and business maintain the highest standards of conduct in order to fulfil their duties with integrity and respect. The Honda Racing F1 Team [are] extremely disappointed by recent events surrounding Mr Mosley and we are concerned that the reputation of Formula One and all its participants is being damaged. We request that the FIA gives this matter careful consideration and reaches an immediate decision in the best interests of F1 and Motorsport.”

Bahrain Prince “uninvited” Mosley.

“In light of the allegations, I suspect you may be deliberating on your planned attendance at the Grand Prix here in Bahrain later in the week. I therefore felt it important to convey the position of Bahrain and its people. Clearly of paramount importance is the success of the event for all concerned — the Kingdom of Bahrain, Formula One and spectators. The focus quite rightly should be on the race. With great regret, I feel that under the current circumstances, it would be inappropriate for you to be in Bahrain at this time.”

Max Mosley called up extraordinary FIA meeting.


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