Formula 1 steering wheels in action (video link)

Kotenok, the F1Wolf reader and one of the competitors in our Prediction Game sent me a link to the website of Spanish Telecinco TV. All the videos are with Spanish narration but even without understanding the commentary, some are quite interesting.

The link I was sent points to the video studying the steering wheel action without traction control. There is interesting side by side comparison between 2004 and 2008 Australian GP.

F1 steering wheel action

The video also analyzes the “wrong button” error by Heikki Kovalainen in Melbourne.

Kovalainen Mistake Australia 2008

To watch the video, follow this link to Telecinco. There are several other videos available (besides Max Mosley), like a take on Malaysian Grand Prix and shots of totally exhausted drivers on the podium … Their video gallery is worth browsing through. Thanks again to Kotenok !

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  1. f1bloggenNo Gravatar says:

    nice one, but no big difference between traction control and no traction control, or?

    f1bloggen’s last blog post..Ronnie Peterson: sista chansen att bjuda på autograf, senaste bud 800 pix

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, main difference is the way the drivers search the grip to the next corner, for their next brake. They move ballance all over the race, without stop, while some time ago they didn’t need to move their hands from the steering wheel. Also, great movements of the steer while loosing grip when the car spins front or back.

    The great difference of all this is over the pedals, there any driver can’t keep them pushing as they were a button and nowadays they’re moving their feet without stop and graduate the acceleration with milimeter movements. About all that, well, difficult will be to see how this all of TC ban is affecting the drivers because there isn’t an on-board camera HEHE But I guess it’s a big difference. I think Felipe Massa was doing much better last year, isn’t it so?

    I got surprised that you posted it Wolf :) I would say that this spanish site isn’t the best to get some news, but they’re working hard to get interviews and technical information and some exclusive reports. From the news side, they’re sure providing mostly about Renault and their spaniard, how to say, here people got crazy about Alonso.

    I would also take a look over another site with many stuff and videos, made the video section open to every user, free to enjoy!!!

    That’s all! And enjoy!!

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I liked it so I posted it :-) Sometime new sites show us different things

    The videos on F1-Live are fine, but by now I would expect some vidoes on Bahrain track, they still analyze breaks for Sepang:-)

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Yeap Wolf, maninly all what is about pre-season is reported in video by “homemade” video-tapes from the teams or by television channels, usually Spanish, German, French, Italian and British (Telecinco [next year La Sexta], RTL, TF1, RAI and iTV [next year some branch of BBC]).

    And all previews and reports in the season are usually provided by R-TV (, they’re the greatest producers after Bernie’s FOM. If you’re interested to register in there, they’ve the latest about F1. By the way, they provide the TV magazine Inside Grand Prix (

    Sidepodcast use mainly this source, and seems their site is growing amaizingly! Thanks to so much awaited vide-podcast which is the most comfortable way to get some news.

    I’ll investigate about different sources! ;)

    PD: Congratulations Christine and all sidepodcast team, it’s nice to see you in Wolf’s site commenting :)

    See you soon!

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