Barcelona Test April 2008 – Day 2 – Fin and Ears

The day 2 in Barcelona felt a bit like deja vu. First either Adrian Newey did some freelancing for Renault, or Red Bull showed some aero love to their engine supplier, or Renault simply copied what they have seen in the next garage. Well, I though that the Renault car can’t get any more ugly that it already was. I was wrong apparently :-) .

Reanault Engine Cover Fin

It looks like in Honda they not only decided not to do much upgrading this year. They took it one step further, they are going retro :-) . The Dumbo ears back almost exactly a year after their premiere in Barcelona in 2007. Honda never used them in a race, but at least we had some Dumbo jokes :-) …

Honda Dumbo 2008

The only other obvious new develpment I spotted on Tuesday was what looks like a new front wing for Ferrari.

Ferrari Front Wing

Let’s see what today will bring besides Michael Schumacher … Toro Rosso are to test their new car so we may see yet another ugly fin covering the F1 engine …

For an in-depth report on all that has been tested in Barcelona so far I recommend checking out the comment from Kotenok below the previous post.

Just for the record, below are the times from day 2 of Barcelona tests. But as teams are testing very different packages, the times are of no significance. But it has been a while since Barrichello and Fisichella were on top of the timesheets.

1. R. Barrichello – Honda – 1:18.928
2. G. Fisichella – Force India – 1:19.721
3. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:20.283
4. D. Coulthard – Red Bull – 1:20.392
5. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:20.452
6. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:20.616
7. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:20.800
8. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:20.870
9. N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:20.981

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:


    As I see, my post-it comment yesterday gave something to talk :)

    I came today to announce you that I’ve passed the test of attitude and knowledge for develop a collaboration job with the Catalonian International Circuit as marshal! I finally received the letter which give approval and invite me to serve support to drivers and teams security during races and trainings, and guarantee sporting rules are applied well.

    I’m very proud I got it! But for sure nobody begin from a Formula 1 GP or a MotoGP race, for achieve that I’ll have to follow some steps and get much more experience at the job, so F1 races are still far but it’s one of my ambitions!

    One day, as I promised to Wolf, I’ll write down an article about ‘how to get a marshal’. Everybody will have the opportunity to know the steps which need to follow and what is needed to know to be a F1 marshal, I want to leave here part of my experiences for grow somebody’s interest to get involved in this job ;)

    Keep an eye to follow it!

  2. marcNo Gravatar says:

    The fin on the Renault reminds me of the tail fin on a ’59 Caddy. Or the fin on the back of a ’60′s era Unlimted Hydorplane.

    marc’s last blog post..Will Max Mosley be Saved by Devine Intervention?

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