Barcelona Test April 2008 – Day 1

Ferrari holeIt looks like the first day day of Barcelona testing was all about the new Ferrari hole. The fact that the combination of the new hole in the nose part of Ferrari car and the slick tyres resulted in 3 seconds gap between Massa and the second fastest car, Honda of Alex Wurz, is one of the reasons the expected hole got so much attention.

McLaren slow times should not be taken too seriously though. If you look carefully at the pictures from Barcelona, you can see the tiny almost Monza like rear wing on de la Rosa’s car. McLaren obviously spent the day focusing on 2009 season rather than updates for the next race. BMW Sauber did not run on slicks yesterday, so Heidfeld’s times can’t be compared to Massa either …

One thing remains fact nevertheless, the Ferrari was scary quick on Monday in Barcelona.

While browsing the pictures from yesterday’s test, the only other ineteresting thing I spotted were the front wheel covers on Renault. If I am not wrong, that is new.

There is a nice picture gallery from Barcelona here. The site is in Spanish.

Barcelona test – Day one times:

1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:18.339
2. A. Wurz – Honda – 1:21.059
3. P. de la Rosa – McLaren – 1:21.566
4. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:21.679
5. N. Piquet – Renault – 1:22.125
6. D. Coulthard – Red Bull – 1:22.197
7. K. Nakajima – Williams – 1:22.431
8. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:22.590
9. V. Liuzzi – Force India – 1:22.846

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  1. OleaNo Gravatar says:

    The new ferrari look is awsome.

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Finally I’m back home!

    Hi to everybody!!! Welcome back, Formula One, to my hometown!!! Montmeló International Circuit open its doors again!!! The Catalonian circuit from the Barcelona’s province, is so near to my home that even can hear the cars going on full speed over the straights when the wind is flowing in the proper direction :)

    And I’m almost about to cry and blame myself!! :”( I own tickets to watch today’s F1 official training session from a great place, VIP pass to follow the paddock, pit-lane, briefing halls and nothing else than take a copy on my hands from the Spanish GP trophy on my arms! With a great opportunity to see the latest modifications over the track, the drivers from closest position and also to live the surrounding sound of from the motors! All this spoiled because my leg’s broken… Why I’m so unlucky!!??

    Well… Tears away!… Snif, sniff… My tickets will remain, somehow, to a collection of photography’s and statistic books, F1 racing mag’s and my old team pass for Williams signed down by Marc Gené. Somebody is laughing, I HEAR IT! HAHAHA :) This will be the tickets from the day which wasn’t what else? HEHE Can’t do nothing about that.

    Let’s change my mood:

    Remain a week to the Spanish GP, I’m already with my nerves on top revs! Many teams came with changes!!
    The one from Ferrari I could see it on F1 Wolf detailed, and it remembers me and looks to me like the guys have aero ideas alike BMW-Williams ’05, Renault last year’s sharp sword wings and car and last season towers and nowadays BMW-Sauber aerodynamics winglets over the nosecone.
    The solution may take some incoming airflow and divide it for develop fast air and consequently negative lift (Ferrari is trying to gift the front wheel assembly a bunch of grip, this means they’re confident already with the back end grip provided by the wing). The airflow may come from front and could cool some gadgets inside the chassis (hydraulics for sure or some electronic device, I doubt the drivers need an extra “air conditioning” HAHA Hottest races already passed through :) ). But seems Aldo Costa is keeps worrying about some espionage over the team technical devices. That’s known because the Autosprint magazine published some article about this all, in February, the device was being studied by few engineers and was almost secret inside the team until his debut, how this magazine got the information they may think? Well need to find out that article to find out if this is a serious affair or just some coincidence. A year before I saw it on a website, F1 Technical have own ideas (now: – A year ago:

    Vodafone-McLaren F1 Team don’t change much, or it’s not possible to see it… I guess, the espionage scandal of the last year keep doing them life impossible while I don’t see great design improvements to develop, maybe minimal setup changes, different wide or height of the steering wheel buttons HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry for their fans, I still crack to laugh since Brazil and Australia, their pit-lane limiter has created already a myth. Maybe McLaren is testing to the next year car, weights distribution and lack of aerodynamics (the car still looks the same although the little change on the hubcaps air intake at the front tires). Pedro de la Rosa used slicks for their supposed comeback during 2009 with a configuration of a single rear flap for the wing assembly and support on the center changes with end plates (, and front wing was presented almost flat, without the bridge over the nosecone which they use since past season (

    More, and more! Honda, redo the nosecone shape with their funny Dumbo Ears winglets (×478/manual/deh0815ap33.jpg and, they were already tested last year and they bring them back this week, the same idea than last year but more extreme! They may think if to BMW works, to them also. And it may work while Alexander Wurz did a good time on the Monday’s sheet. But maybe Honda’s lack isn’t aerodynamics, it could be motor or radiator intake, because still feels hot and break the motor on the training session, this could be programmed to test it’s “long-lasting” life… ( But which is the need to scare they supporters, partners and sponsors with fire under the motor cover? It might not be planed and that means bad. But Honda is improving air flow everywhere, front wing, side pods and read wing specially, they shaped a new one looking well looking this time, similar to Renault “W” rear wing assembly ( and

    Renault brings what promised, a lot of changes!! And with this they filled an occupied schedule for Alonso and Piquet (I want to remember that only one car from each team is able to come out during testing). So they have much to do in few time, test the new I-damper setups and the obviously seen, new motor cover vertical wing. I don’t think there exists any partnership between Adrian Newey (RBR) and Dino Toso (RF1). But it could be.
    They have this new solution which incredible looks like Red Bull’s motor cover tested during the pre-season and used them for the last 3 races. They simply apply engineering to take the conclusion that it works also on them and began to use it also ( Yeah Wolf, this wheel covers are new looking to Ferrari ones ( Especially all previous designs to Renault didn’t work, they lost more time than win it before, seems they found out how to do a hubcap which works and finally also used it.

    I see changes on the remaining group of teams.

    ForceIndia improve aerodynamics also, new front wing and many winglets, it’s difficult to detail the changes because we saw a team grow in few months (new president – new budget – new resources – new drivers – new improvements – the same last row in the grid). Mallya may not be proud, but he’s getting results from their team at astronomic speed! They were far from his dream, and I think they’re getting it closer day by day. Gascoyne and Colles are taking profit of their budget and rebirth of the old Minardi is coming. The newness comes from the aerodynamic aspect, recover utilities from Spyker last year’s car (in Bahrain: And Vijay Mallya gets involved to get improvements from aeronautic companies such as EADS and Airbus. Their new look is taken from a mixture of components of Red Bull, Ferrari, Honda, McLaren, Toyota and Williams. Well, and this is almost all the top teams, maybe that fashion from take new ideas from others make them the perfect car? I really doubt it! A team have to develop itself, beginning to improve what the chassis which already have and doing their bodywork more efficient by their needs. For sure ForceIndia didn’t mistake, just they have been investigating in such developments since long to bring some improvement (

    BMW set up some wing changes and maybe some suspension adjustments, they follow their line to hide something until the last moment I think. They look really constant developing the car without showing it to everybody’s eyes ( That is working nice guys!

    Alike is AT&T Williams, they made a new wing in the style from the BMW-Sauber nowadays kind of shape, really massive using the year’s newness third flap as bridge over the nosecone. Maybe some may think also it looks like Renault, well the three teams battle in the same area. To grow up their front end grip to steer better the car on slow corners. The aerodynamic solution became unique, a concept which looks like taken from other teams have been developed to their own, and now have more strength than in past times DCF technology prove it for them already (

    Toyota, made aero package revision which I’m not going to analyze, they look stable to grid place, a narrower nosecone height to the wing is maybe the biggest change ( They better their car with aerodynamics, like everybody over the paddock. The bodywork shape is getting more complicate, that means months of study in a single area. The Japanese team is surprising not only by luck, because they progress lately in their departments, and finally got an ‘accord’ within the workers to build a better car, and not blame each others. At the end the pace from Toyota matches their budget.

    STR, the last, begin to apply the changes to the 2008 coming from Newey’s hands. Their last year as satellite team from Red Bull is slowly coming to end. But they begin to apply the new designs to their car, maybe the only difference at the end of the year will be the Ferrari motor and that they’re situated in Italy? The new motor cover, looks great when close there is a poster announcing the car is fuel out ( and×478/manual/deh0814ap05.jpg).

    This teams, STR and Super Aguri, which grow as client cars are called to sell stocks and belong to a new owner. Super Aguri F1 Team, which we won’t see on testing days of course, because of their obvious economical problems. They had nothing to do until Magma Group arrived to an accord with Aguri Suzuki, so stood with crossed arms until Australia expecting something to happen, they don’t have new components from Honda for 2008, this means they don’t test. I guess, for the next race they’re also expecting something to happen!

    If somebody is going to kill me… Well, I’ll understand I wrote again a biblical text! HAHA But everybody will feel guilty from kicking somebody which have half leg broken :P I’ll be good, but really was wishing to come back again to the F1Wolf community!

    Have all a nice week! See you all on the next race in my country!

  3. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Well I can’t top Kotoenok’s comment for sure!

    Not only is Ferrari sporting the new wing, Renault is showing off the Red Bull fin on their car and Honda has decided on reinventing their nose fins, or elephant horns.

    With all this, what’s next?

  4. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    comment by kotenok is larger than the post itself.. but, i am happy with the enthu of this guy..

    kaushal’s last blog post..Barcelona day one – Ferrari head Honda in Spain

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