2008 Spanish GP – Race result – Win for Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen won his second race of 2008 season ahead of his team mate Felipe Massa. Lewis Hamilton returned to podium for the first time since Australian GP. Jenson Button scored first points of the season for Honda. Only 13 cars made it to the finish in a race that featured 2 safety car periods and a scary looking Kovalainen’s heavy crash. Fernando Alonso’s hopes for good result were cut short by a spectacular engine failure.

2008 Spanish GP – Race result

1. Kimi Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:38:19.051
2. Felipe Massa – Ferrari + 3.228
3. Lewis Hamilton – McLaren + 4.187
4. Robert Kubica – BMW Sauber + 5.694
5. Mark Webber – Red Bull + 35.938
6. Jenson Button – Honda + 53.010
7. Kazuki Nakajima – Williams + 58.244
8. Jarno Trulli – Toyota + 59.435

9. Nick Heidfeld – BMW Sauber + 1:03.073
10. Giancarlo Fisichella – Force India + 1 lap
11. Timo Glock – Toyota + 1 lap
12. David Coulthard – Red Bull + 1 lap
13. Takuma Sato – Super Aguri + 1 lap

Did not finish

14. Nico Rosberg – Williams + 25 laps
15. Fernando Alonso – Renault + 32 laps
16. Rubens Barrichello – Honda + 32 laps
17. Heikki Kovalainen – McLaren + 45 laps
18. Anthony Davidson – Super Aguri + 58 laps
19. Sebastien Bourdais – Toro Rosso + 58 laps
20. Nelson Piquet – Renault + 59 laps
21. Sebastian Vettel – Toro Rosso + 66 laps
22. Adrian Sutil – Force India + 66 laps

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Nice race!! It wasn’t borring, seems this is what FIA rules changes want, entertainment! But what with the competition? Are these super-techn cars? Certainly, these are airplanes which aren’t able to fly but not cars at all…

    I’m terribly upset from see that all this changes coming from the FIA over the technology used on F1 cars can produce terrible accidents… Cars are more secure that’s thumbs up! But cars are losing shape with latest changes!!! That’s a big booboo!!! Sincerely, what happened in the first corner with Sutil and Vettel again is something produced due the TC ban and engine braking devices, not need to talk that the slicks shouldn’t have never taken away for a consistent grip and braking stability.

    Also the motors suffer, motors can’t be developed and without TC we could see a Renault and Williams-Toyota burning again for overuse in turn 3. TC is related to the motor? Yes, through the motor rotation (revs) and through the differential. This devices have been limited to manual switch driver concerning. They use their feelings to setup it, but usually this doesn’t mean they’re using differential right way.
    Not only this weekend, during this season beginning, we have seen an incredible amount of Ferrari motors burning until now due to the same reasons.
    Nor electronics are better… SECU 2008 looks not doing happy any teams, but McLaren. Formula One drivers aren’t enjoying from a good year, even now Ferrari who’s looking the most powerful. The whole teams and drivers are suffering since the beginning to adapt.

    Good for everybody will be the mechanical grip from 2009, in shortage of aerodynamic grip. Finally a solution to the turbulences! :) Drivers will drive more sure from the response from their car, better setups with the shock absorbers will make the car fly over the track without losing grip. The only question I have is: if the ban from the FIA against the tire heaters will be also a success? Many say this is craziness, some say they’re happy with it and will adapt to any condition coming out. I’m with these who may say “go with the rhythm which your grip allows you in the moment”. This should be correct, but a TC ban when the biggest lack from F1 cars nowadays is mechanical grip? Buff…. I don’t want to hear about!! Drivers are genius to make better laps than years before, because they’re driving cars which will feel over oil when step on dirt or grass!

    Anyway, a race in your hometown is always pretty to see :) But so many troubled cars due rule changes… Massa did a great start, looking forward to forget his bad season start also. Räikkönen is getting the man to beat this season; he finally set himself in Ferrari! Hamilton did average to his potential, he always have been good to push somebody but bad to pressure, today he could push more than in other races. About Heikki I’m really worried, seems to him happened one of the most frightening accidents which we will see this season. I’ll be surprised if he’ll be ready to drive in the next races as he knows, he’ll may be thinking about this accident. About his health nobody said certainly what’s with him. I think today is early, there are many damages which can appear slowly after such an accident. But from the scenes seen in the Catalan circuit, I guess that what told us Martin Whitmarsh isn’t truth at all… Looks Kovalainen broken left ankle (as I have right one). If this isn’t it, he has been lucky because all the chassis on the front end was destroyed on the impact. Also says that his elbow is damaged, then telling about shoulder… Seems in McLaren won’t say the truth for some days.

    BMW guys were strong, but troubled with the safety cars, Kubica was having a better strategy than Heidfield. BMW Sauber is there, to get a mention this year! They sure will win something, they’re very strong and winning McLaren cars usually.

    Toyota is slightly the best from the group ahead! Trulli gathered the last point after troubles with traffic, he might be following the first six cars more times this season.

    About the rest… There hasn’t been the conditions to talk about today, only finished 13 cars from 22 and the result seems to be not usual as in Australia. Even Honda, Fore India and Red Bull today looked in better shape than they’re doing in real.

    At the end the circuit got full, administration from the Spanish circuit were today surprised to set up the banner: ”all tickets sold”. During the day of yesterday and today different ticket vendors sold all tickets up to the 100% occupation capacity in Montmeló track, 130.600 this year, but still far from the record in Formula One 147.000 spectators in the same circuit, this means results from this season aren’t seducing the crowd as other seasons (Spanish fanatics after all want to see Fernando Alonso with possibilities to win something). And second track in Valencia maybe reduced tickets demand in Catalonia. Anyway, the race weekend was ones of the best and really complete! GP2 races were pretty to see, soon drivers as Kobayashi, Zuber, Buemi, Chandhok, Grosjean and little Senna will be very famous!

    PD: Seems Ron Dennis makes public that Hekki didn’t suffer mayor injuries, I’m happy for him and glad he’ll be able to come back soon! But I’m still thinking the images from TV showed something preoccupant about his left ankle… May Ron say the truth? He tell part of the story, there aren’t broken bones and he didn’t suffer neurologic damage over his head after doing some proofs in Hospital General de Catalunya in Sant Cugat del Valles. We should believe that of course :) I also believe in the circuit’s security, you might come out better from an accident 200 km/h in an international track than an accident 60Km/h over a usual street. But what I doubt is that the McLaren MP4-23 is actually strong enough… The survival cell was clearly broken by the front end and actually it shouldn’t.

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      McLaren Mercedes, after looking and analyzing some of the telemetry data, announced that the accident which survived Heikki Kovalainen was from a terrible strength, the impact deceleration was no lower than 26G!!!!! It’s a miracle that he came out entire, smiling as usual and worried about the next race. Thumbs up to the design of the MP4-23!!! Certainly the chassis have been looked by the mechanics and designers. They will analyze the reasons from the accident, and for sure better the structure to avoid new surprises.

      Some information was provided by Martin Whitmarsh at the end:

      – The speed recorded before turn 9, Campsa, was 260 Km/k, when the tire blew was 240Km/h and the speed at the collision point was 130km/h.
      – Strength which the body from the driver suffered while suddenly stopping was 27G, equivalent to a deceleration of 264,6m/s².
      – Chassis have been broken by the front end between 450-500mm.

      Heikki Kovalainen today answered some questions; the less surprising is that he doesn’t remember anything about the accident. He was unconscious for a while, he’s complaining about headache and pain muscular pain over the neck.
      From what we can get more surprised is his wish to get fit and train again, he’s will is to be ready for turkey, if the FIA medical tests allow him (as happened to Robert Kubica last year they were clearly positive, but preventing a new accident he was set off for one race).
      Heikki give thanks to everybody which supports him and helped him through this experience, after the accident he believe on the team and is confident with his car.

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