2008 Prediction Game Round 3 Results

Podium Bahrain F1 2008Intersting results brought ineteresting scores. Only 2 players guessed the pole position right (Stew and nieuwe), no one predicted Kovalainen for fastest lap.

Here are the results of Round 3:

22 – Ozzi
20 – kotenok, Kaylen
19 – nieuwe
18 – Ram
17 – Arun, Fisheye, Amrit
16 – stew, deaddogsmojing, zblkhwk, F1Wolf, daniel, Luis Miguel Sainz
15 – Steve Robertson, f1 portal, mcw3, Ben, Rich, blazena
14 – Klokan, brabhamburger, igi, shaun, Queen Bee, fantoci, Rob The Flying Dutchman, Arnel, xxMarinaxx, gertjan
12 – fatfish

Stew is still leading the order ahead of kotenok, Ozzi and Steve Robertson. Check the left sidebar for the leadeboard or click here for the complete standings.

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  1. marcNo Gravatar says:

    Geesh, it’s a good thing I haven’t been playing.

    Judging by Sunday’s picks where slotting Kimi onto the top step was the only thing close to being right, I’d have been sucking hind teat on a boar hog.

    marc’s last blog post..Felip Massa: “TC, Who Needs TC?”

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Uraaa!! Things are getting better to me. 2nd on the prediction game this weekend is a great place, I’ll try to stand over the wave :)

    Well, I still lie on my hospital’s bed and today could see the race :) Qualify for me was a surprise when I first saw the gird order, I couldn’t see it live (bad luck, still wasn’t good enough to go to lie on a warm room with tv and a funny partner HAHA).

    To me the guess seemed a mess when saw the movement from BMW over the McLaren from Heikki, which was in my prediction as 3rd, but I’m terrible happy and enjoyed it!!! Kubica is one of the most surprising drivers which I have seen for years, one from my favourites (to this I would like to add Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Nick Heidfield, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jaques Villeneuve and for sure Damon Hill [somebody noticed they were all in Williams?… Why this guy isn’t with us? Smart BMW!! HEHEHE]).

    Yeah! Robert Kubica will make us many surprises, which we can’t expect, because his team is working on the conserving side one day and another being extremely aggressive in their strategy! BMW are a headache this season for any bet or prediction game!! Congratulations boys, they do it really good!
    Nick is an expirienced young driver, he’ll have his chance to do it alike Kubica (by the way, with stable results he’s second for the Drivers Championship. And BMW 1st on the Constructors!!!).

    After all, Massa, could repeat in Bahrain. And it was a normal thing to guess he will repeat, last year he drove to the triple win (Pole, Fast Lap and Victory). Who wouldn’t give him a chance after all? Seems newspapers no! But Ferrari, they do, up to end of season for sure!!
    The Brazilian is doing better, was aware from the movements from Kimi during the race and remains on the front since the beginning. Felipe, this was a great lesson to anyone who doubts you aren’t good, but fast enough??? So, so… You didn’t own the pole because a stupid mistake, and didn’t get the fastest lap!!!… He’s still not 100% in his job maybe, but much better.
    Kimi is always there, silently of course, but in Bahrain he had some kind of bad luck since the first race there. He did pretty good to pass Robert in the first lap when Kubica was going to a faster stint than him.

    Heikki Kovalainen stole the old point from the fastest lap in the last quarter from the race, while Ferrari decide to control the race and remain their mechanics, but Ron said… “Don’t **** me more this weekend and get faster!!!”. Heikki have clean ears and did his best and owned the fast lap, pretty nice!! (nowadays, the official F1 logistics company from Germany, DHL, give an important sum of money and a cute prize to the owner of the most of fastest laps in a season, and Heikki is doing points for it [but not to get a McLaren F1 LM, maybe]).
    But seems Hamilton didn’t clean much his ears for this weekend and staid far from being stable and polite. Well race incidents are always over there, but can’t steer better this boy? We saw it last year he can, maybe Hami got lazy… Even so, he wasn’t on the points so his position isn’t a place to comment (as for me too much far back for a McLaren speed).

    I’m terrible surprised about the pace which got last races Toyota with Jarno on board (and hope for longer times, he’s just charismatic), the team is finally is RISING. Something was up to the Japanese or Germans that didn’t want it enough… They had the source, but not the pace. Now they finally jumped where they wanted to be since the team was constructed (a bad design of team, directors, heads and bosses all over there… FINALLY THEY UNDERSTOOD!). And now they had some important decisions with the structure and their working way, and everything begin to get a better shape.

    Williams is a team which bring me incredible happiness (nobody noticed it? :) ). And they also got the pace to be there, Nico is stunning! He developed with the young technicians, engineers and directors a little rebirth. It’s already known that Patrik Head told “after the departure from some good old engineers, we lost their knowledge, but something happened that this knowledge wasn’t given to the newcomers”. The new people (Sam Michael, Rod Nelson and others which haven’t the pleasure to know) and the new possibilities from the team (modern wind tunnel specs, the LENOVO super-computer which develop so much work for them and also Frank, he got 30 years in the job, and he got a new star, Rosberg :) ). Nico Rosberg did 8th and the last point, counting and counting more. In Williams things will get pretty wealthy ;)

    The remaining drivers would be too long to comment, pity to some which began strong and lost it in the first corners from the race. And some didn’t do something amazing, so, let’s stop it here.

    I think everybody might be angry from such long comment, but people, I’m really bored here in hospital! (By the way it’s 23.44 and I’m writing this an hour long at my mobile phone).

    Wolf thanks to publish my thoughts. See you soon!!

    (Send me something to my mail if you think my literature isn’t appropriate to your site)

  3. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Hope you get out soon and well Kotenok, and congrats on a nice prediction. P2 after three races is a fine place to be, well done.

  4. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    @ kotenok – get well soon, and do not worry, your literature is appropriate :-) . I just replaced one of the Ron Dennis’ words with **** to keep this debate family friendly :-)

    how bad am I … not even on the leaderboard :-(

  5. StewNo Gravatar says:

    I have a premonition, a premonition that I will lose my lead next GP, but then again…

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Stew, I congratulate you! And remain strong!

    There is much mystery on get to know how much BETTER will be the whole teams in Barcelona next race with the new deices (well, I shouldn’t include Super Aguri for sure [the only chance might be in Monaco or Singapore], Force India didn’t announce new components and I thought STR will only have the new car since Turkey’s GP). But more or least everything will remain the same, all the top teams will include something to the next GP.

    I have not much new news:

    Again from Telecinco source, Spanish private TV channel, got in talks about the R28 performance with some engineer (this one could be mainly Pat Symonds or Bob Bell, also Briatore could get on the talks but I can’t guess it’s supposed to be a secret HAHA Well, I saw by myself in newspapers Flavio is who comment such topics the most). This TV channel announced in live, over the coverage from Sepang already that the Renault F1 Team will provide their cars with the newest technology about rear suspension and traction while getting automatic balance while braking (THIS IS NOT A MECHANICAL TC).
    Their device is called Dynamic Suspension, somewhere I read they call it in Renault I-damper, which is used by the main of the competitors from Renault on the grid. So, after all the car will get better. Renault advised to this source that there will be many revisions to be seen over this race, but other teams won’t remain asleep, so they prognostic aren’t much more better, two or three tenths to get better (if I don’t explain it well: -0,200s or -0,300s by lap). There will be revisions over the aerodynamics and stability.

    This thing makes the car balance the opposite way to the suspension movement of the car, making it more stable on braking points and mainly over “piano walking”.

    Well, I’m sure the news already was going over many sites but as I’m still here, hospital is my home nowadays, can’t know exactly.

    For those who support Renault, well, I wish you success. For the remaining team fans also, push hard the F1 is coming to Europe! But mainly I wish some success to Frank, Patrick, Sam, Rod and the others.

    PD: Another thing, these who believe Max will dismiss seems to have eaten a strange mushroom this weekend, he have his projects well done to long term. Leave grandpa’s deals outside F1, while they make F1 more dirty… Please.


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