2008 Formula 1 Spanish GP – Video edit now available

I am going to be Bernie friendly for a while :-) but only for a while. I totally forgot that the official F1 site has some videos now. Only after I received the email reminder that the video edit from Spanish GP is ready I went to check it out. The video is not too bad if all you expect is a quick 2 minutes sum up of all the incidents with few F1 babes and Nelson Piquet sr. added to the mix. But I think that FOM or whoever is in charge of keeping the official F1 site up could and should do better. They are still far behind the level of Sidepodcast people unfortunately for us Sidepodcast does not have an access to the FOM TV feed :-( .

What would you want F1.com to include or ad to their video edits from races ?

You can see the official F1 video edits here.

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  1. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Pit babes are good, views of official people etc are good, but I’m a pure race fan. Give me a stiff bench, no frills and a race. That’s all I want.

    Make the video longer and have more race action, some pit work, and just show me some good old racing. Show me more passing. It’s rare in Spain so show it.

    Show me close ups of pit action with the noise of wheel guns and closeups of break dust flying everywhere, drivers lighting up their tires and lower the music in spots to emphasize engine noise.

    Not much…that’s all I want.

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    In a race weekend there are few moments which we miss, and also many of the pit-walk and paddock live. We completely miss the free practice in many countries… FOM should do an effort to create a longer review, as insidegrandprix, f1live or sidepodcast, but just after the race to have a close-up to the main things happened.

    I recommend to create a site with vide-cuts that include many of the incidents, the overtaking moments, more team radio events, the best laps, the drivers, people in there and much more. It would be a great idea together with the on-line live timing which they offer.
    But why they need to do such complete material if they successfully sell every year the FIA season review??? HAHAHA!!!
    Thinking Bernie will overuse his valuable material in video and images is just silly, he knows to take profit. But I guess this isn’t controlled by Bernie’s hands since long ago, but his company Formula One Management. This all is merchandising opportunities, what they own, and as to give it free… I really doubt it! We may pay for see it home, as spectators pay they entry tickets to the circuits they may think.

    By the way, I guess you could publish this Elinks from the races seen with onboard cameras, this is particularly a great source!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      the free practice is definitely something they could make available …

      yes, they sell the season review, but they could also sell the video on their site. reasonably set price would not be a problem for many fans, the question is if we could expect anything reasonable when it comes to money demands from F1 management :-)

  3. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    appreciate the compliments sir :)

    here’s my bernie wish list:

    – enabling sharing. why can’t we embed them too?
    – get a presenter (stops it looking like an 8 year old put it together).
    – offer some insight, tell me something i didn’t know already. right now it’s just wallpaper tv.
    – tell me what’s important and why i should care? they’ve invested a *lot* of effort in getting that wheel to explode in time with the music, how about investing that in something actually worthwhile?

    that’s a couple of things that come to mind. personally i could moan about this all day and night.

    sidepodcast’s last blog post..The Trulliometer Must Be Low Right Now

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      the “embed” code was the first thing I was looking for on the F1 dot com site. but then you read the sentence “available on F1 dot com only” and it is clear that sharing is not on their mind

  4. marcNo Gravatar says:

    More Pit Babes?

    Sure, why not. they could even give a more “worldly view” of the pit babe universe.

    Jokes and snark aside, in reality anything someone desires be added to the F1 official site can be accessed elsewhere when push come to shove.

    marc’s last blog post..God Save the Queen, and the Rest of Us Too!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      well, and until F1 official site does not provide us what we want, we will have no option but to look for it elsewhere …

  5. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    after searching for few minutes,i have got few websites where u can download all F1 races till date..
    but, i dont have broadband so, its of no use…………
    by the way… F1wolf(sorry don’t know ur name :)) seems to be annoyed by me or my posts..
    f1wolf never reply yo muy queries..
    watever mey be the reason..
    ur blog rocks

    kaushal’s last blog post..NO more force in me!!!!!!!!!!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Hi kaushal, I am not annoyed at all :-) the fact that I do not reply to every comment does not mean I do not appreciate them. I do appreciate all ! I always try to reply all the comments that ask some question or that haven’t received a reaction from other commentators …

      you are right , there are many places where you can download whole races. but that is not exactly legal. unfortunatelly F1 administration does not seem to be in a hurry to provide us with legal means of enjoying F1 races we missed or wish to see again …

  6. OleaNo Gravatar says:

    I would like F1.com to include more videos with David Coulthard and Red Bull.

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      That’s why you need to contact the Red Bull site. There’re plenty of them and in you tube plenty of his “wise” words. Good luck!!!


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