Williams reveal their 2008 livery

AT&T Williams F1 team finally revealed their 2008 livery and released a pre-season interview with Frank Williams. The blue white livery is similar to the 2007 one but somehow it does look better :-) . The biggest looser is Lenovo, their logo has been relegated from the prominent position on the sidepods to the rear wing. Still more visible than AT&T logo though …

Williams 2008 Livery Front

Here are few answers from Frank Williams on his drivers and prediction for 2008 season:

Nico returns for his third season this year. How important is he to the team?

He’s fundamental. We have the highest regards for him and we have great confidence that, given the right equipment, he will win races.

Kazuki has been promoted from test to race driver, how has he been doing over winter testing and what are your expectations of him in a race seat?

We knew we were taking a bit of a gamble when we signed him, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by his testing pace. It’s really only a question I’ll be able to answer properly after the first few races of the season.

And lastly, what are your predictions for the season ahead?

I think the first four places are most likely to be occupied by the same people as last year, sadly. But I do think it will be a brilliant racing season.

More photos of new 2008 Williams livery inside the article (all photos courtesy of AT&T Williams).

Williams 2008 F1 Livery Side View

Williams 2008 F1 Livery Front View

Williams 2008 F1 Livery Front View

Williams 2008 F1 Livery Rear View

Williams 2008 F1 Livery Top View

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  1. RichNo Gravatar says:

    yea i dont know how either but it does look better. i think the white bridge over the nose adds a nice touch

  2. ChristineNo Gravatar says:

    Definitely an improvement, in my eyes.

    When I first started watching, I couldn’t tell the BMW and the Williams apart. Would not have had that trouble if it had this more blue look.

    Christine’s last blog post..03-Mar-08: McLaren Continue to Dominate the Headlines

  3. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    the bodywork matches the tyre colour like no other car.

    it’s as if the designers started with the one thing they couldn’t change (rubber) and painted everything else around that.

    wonder what it’ll look like with the white-striped tyres? i bet they’ve thought of that too.

    sidepodcast’s last blog post..Episode 54 – Don’t Mention Fuel Burn Again

  4. F1 BettingNo Gravatar says:

    Much better looking livery this year I think. Very distinctive and modern looking. Kazuki has apparently surprised the team with how well he has adapted to the step up to race driver and I think he has a really good future ahead of him – definitely one to watch.

  5. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! Much of non automotive sponsors, but Williams remains refinated. The kind of car which I’ve seen on track during the winter tests have been gorgeous, dark marine blue with white & silver coloured prints. Now that I see the definetly livery, I the model looks to his traditional look.

    I notice the trend of the double bardge board, the duck style nose-cone from A.Newey (some re/engeneering work from Aero dept.), few highter position of the front wing and in the reverse side (looking to the floor) a kind of front difuser (cool! somebody read my emails in AT&T Williams :)). The boomerang have been fully adapted in the style of the McLaren again, as the bridewing over the nose-cone (less entwisted than the original project, and more flat on the central area). Seems Williams is looking fully all the grid to take some new design ideas for their aerodynamics, now we need to see if the chasis is fully working and the skirts make their swiss-watch cordinated work to make the car stable and balanced, and not loosing HP with it.

    By the way, while looked in track, they’re really greater faster than Toyota. While their motor provider car, is lacking of everything on the track. Specially breaking balance, impossible to them to get the apex two times in the same place, braking makes them jump from the propper way or get rather big understeer, capable to see while the car comes to a slow corner.

    Williams go on!! Last year they all changed the balance and the pronostics of a team loosing their performance, now they’re getting serious to the championship, for sit on the points regulary and with luck get 1 or 2 podiums. Hopefully! I just pray, I’m not talking in vain before anything happens ;)

  6. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, that is a long comment David :-) Looks like you have an eye for detail !

    Few of those no auto sponsors on the Williams care are brands that belong to the Baugur Group from Iceland – MyDiamonds, Hamleys, All Saints. And there is more on talk around that Baugur may buy into Williams team …


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