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Zithromax Z-pack, Here is the current status of old and new engines (O - old, N - new) for the next race. A little star (*) next to driver means that driver already used up the one penalty free engine change for this season, Zithromax Z-pack uk. Zithromax Z-pack us, I will update this table after every race. Every effort is made to keep the information here correct, 50mg Zithromax Z-pack. 20mg Zithromax Z-pack, But if you spot any mistake, please feel free to let me know in the comments below this post, Zithromax Z-pack mexico. Zithromax Z-pack india, [TABLE=2]

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  1. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    nice one. you couldn’t do the same for gearboxes too could ya? pretty please :)

    sidepodcast’s last blog post..An Infinitesimally Diminutive Podcast Delay

  2. StewNo Gravatar says:

    This really would give us an idea of engine reliability for each team wouldn’t it.

    I like the gearbox idea haha. :)

    Stew’s last blog post..Raikkonen Wins Rain Free Malaysian Grand Prix

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    OK, give me 1-2 days :-)

    Now, the truth is I am not too clear about the gearbox rules. Can they change the gearbox without penalty on a DNF car (same as the engine) or not ?

  4. Yea, the gearbox rules are exactly the same as the engine rules.

    And by the same I mean they are both crazy :)

    Christine Blachford’s last blog post..23-Mar-08: Raikkonen Takes First 2008 Win in Malaysia

  5. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, as far I know. There are some compounds possible to change, ratio & clearly damaged gears. Anyway, the rule is based on the motor ones, but I’m trully amazed about the gearbox life extension. How to make such part of car work over 1 race? Till 4!!! Yeap, crazy rules…

    Well, as the sameless shifting gearbox is overall everywhere, the teams will have to think about something.

    Nowadays the kind of gearbox used is always on touch (almost cluth activation doesn’t separate motor rotation from the gearbox [no sameless gearbox lose over 30 seconds by race changing gears, and this is already a great thing, sameless lose almost nothing over 3 seconds as I have read last year somewhere]). So, a gearbox which is used over 4 weekends is to my understanding insane! The parts of it are working with incredible heat, then relax, then again work pushing it to it’s limits and so on… Anyway, FIA rules decided so. And the teams and their oil providers seems to survive with it. Ah… I’m just realizing the F1 will be lacking of performance and that’s sad.

    By the way, on fridays test programs is allowed to switch a fresh gearbox to not risk with the original’s performance, cars bounce much more on test and they use to get on dirty track which makes the tyres spin more and then… Gearbox suffer a lot with this lack of grip.

    Guy, I’m happy you’re introducing new features on your website, this is getting better day by day!

  6. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    one thing you might want to add, is which driver has used up his one *free* allocation for the year.

    thus far: sutil in oz and bourdais in malaysia

    sidepodcast’s last blog post..Episode 57 – It Was a Long Seven Minutes in the Renault World

  7. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    I GUESS fisi and sutil are using old engines..
    they are having ferrari chassis

    kaushal’s last blog post..FORCE INDIA F1 TEAM PUMPED UP!!

  8. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    “one thing you might want to add, is which driver has used up his one *free* allocation for the year.

    thus far: sutil in oz and bourdais in malaysia”

    done :-)

    what a waste for Bourdais, he could have spun off on lap one with the old engine too …

  9. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    “I GUESS fisi and sutil are using old engines..
    they are having ferrari chassis”

    Force India is using Ferrari engines, but not Ferrari chassis, they have Mr. Gascoyne to design their own :-)

    As for the engines – The 2 engine rule means the same engine ahs to be used for 2 consecutive race weekends (not including Fridays) but can be replaced in a car that does not finish. As Sutil did not finish the race in Malaysia the team will be free to fit his car with fresh engine for Bahrain GP. Fisichella started the race on fresh engine and made it to the finish line, so he should start next race with the same engine he used in Malaysia.

  10. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    cheers for adding that info.

    “what a waste for Bourdais, he could have spun off on lap one with the old engine too…”

    sutil’s was a bigger waste, he trashed his chassis and started from the pitlane, so may as well have taken a 10 place hit. at least seb started in the correct position.

    sidepodcast’s last blog post..Episode 57 – It Was a Long Seven Minutes in the Renault World

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  13. CrazychickNo Gravatar says:

    see http://www.fia.com/mediacentre/Press_Information/F1/F1_Press_Information/2008/malaysia.html and the scrutineering pdf report at the bottom, only drivers using a new engine are FM, KR, RK, NP, JT TG and DC

  14. Jorge FNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Didn’t Coulthard use a new engine in Hungary? Cheers, J

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      He should have, but the team has announced before the race that he will use the engine for 3rd time in a row. The scrutineering report however says he was about to use a new engine but Red Bull never came out with any new announcement about changing DC’s engine after all …

      At this moment I take Red Bull’s word as the fact, we will see ahead of Valencia race – he will either use old or new that should clear it up :-)

  15. Jorge FNo Gravatar says:

    I see. Thanks.
    Seems Massa old engine couldn’t keep up fighting Hamilton’s new one.



  16. [...] On another note, Red Bull decided to play their joker and take an change the engine in Mark Webber’s car. As a result of this penalty free engine change Webber will not have to use the same engine for two tough-on-engine races in a row (Spa and Monza). Click here for the 2008 engine statistics. [...]


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