2008 Formula 1 form in quotes

Some teams will continue testing in private tests next week. Barcelona however was the last major test involving most of the teams. The results and times do not tell much. Few would conclude that Toyota is the fastest car just because Trulli clocked the the fastest lap yesterday :-) . So what Formula 1 drivers and team bosses think after the last test of the season:

Jean Todt:

“We have two excellent drivers and it looks like the car is good too. We are satisfied and the situation is encouraging. But we need to wait for the races, let’s hope for the best.”

Kimi Raikkonen:

“I think we have a strong package, but we don’t know how fast the others are. We will only see that in the race. We are quite happy with what we have done over the winter so we will see in Melbourne. I think we have good reliability. We had some small things last year that unfortunately stopped the car in the race but it can always happen. We have done everything we can and it will be nice to get back racing again. In Melbourne we will see who is fast or not, because you cannot say from the tests. The times look close. Somebody goes fast one day and another guy another day. We will wait for a couple of weeks and we will know in qualifying. But I think McLaren are for sure strong, so we need to see how good they are in the race.”

Felipe Massa:

“I feel really powerful this year. If we are lucky, we will have a stronger start of the season than last year’s. This year we aim for the same situation we had in 2007, Ferrari was the best team and both drivers were in equal positive conditions. I feel strong to fight for the championship.”

Sam Michael (Williams):

“Ferrari are about three of four tenths ahead of them (McLaren), and seven or eight tenths before the group including BMW, Renault, Red Bull and us.”

Fernando Alonso (Renault) on Kimi Raikkonen

“He has the self confidence and he is obviously very quick, so he has put himself in a very strong position.”

Lewis Hamilton:

“Winter testing has gone really smoothly. We have had steady reliability and the car is feeling good. We have had some great testing days, easily covering the mileage and getting confidence in the car. It has been a good week, in addition to the test development programme we have been working with the race team on getting back up to speed with activities such as pitstops. As I just said, the car is feeling good, but as always we still have work to do. A Formula One car is under continuous evolution, and when you look back at how far we have come since the MP4-23 first hit the track in January, it is encouraging. The work doesn’t stop for anyone just because testing has concluded.”

Heikki Kovalainen:

“We have improved the car, I have improved myself and I have gotten to know the team better. Everything has just very positive; there haven’t been any negative moments. Of course some days are more difficult than others but we are making progress all the time. So overall a very good winter and we have the pace to have a strong year.”

Pat Symonds (Renault):

“According to our calculations, McLaren are part of the big second group to which BMW, Red Bull, Williams and ourselves belong.”

Fernando Alonso (Renault) on Hamilton’s chances to win the title:

“Possibly, yes. After a year, you know all the circuits and how the races go. You understand the pressures so there are many things that will give him an advantage compared to last year.”

Felipe Massa (Ferrari):

“McLaren are always a strong team and can always be competitive. So we must look out for any team, but certainly McLaren are maybe the one with the most potential over the rest.”

BMW Sauber:
Nick Heidfeld:

“Even for us as drivers it has been a long time since it was this difficult to say how the F1 teams stand against each other. The testing results of the big teams have simply been too variable to form an opinion. As for us, we have made huge progress since the roll-out in Valencia.”

Robert Kubica:

“The engineers took a certain amount of risk and have entered new territory in some areas with the F1.08. One of the consequences of this is that we were not quite where we hoped to be at the start of winter testing. But since the roll-out everybody in the team – and that means both the testing crew and the guys back at the plants – has been working at full steam, seven days a week. These efforts have paid off; we have made great steps forward and registered improvements in all areas. And I’m sure we are still far from exhausting the full potential of the F1.08.”

Nico Rosberg (Williams):

“BMW are the only one I don’t really know about.”

Nelson Piquet:

“We are not fighting the McLarens. We are trying to fight BMW and Red Bull and Williams. We are not expecting to win races. Last year we had a second place in a crazy race. Anything can happen. But in a normal situation I don’t think we are going to win a race. We can win a race, but we don’t have the speed to win a race at the moment.
It depends how good we are in Australia. Obviously not first or second, but we are going to be fighting to be the third, fourth or fifth team. It’s a big fight between us, Williams and BMW. You are not going to expect to be able to win a championship from one year to another. It never happens.”

Flavio Briatore:

“Renault is back and we are confident that we will be protagonists this year and fighting for places on the podium.”

Nico Rosberg

“I see us fighting with Renault and Red Bull. BMW are the only one I don’t really know about. For sure it’s going to be tight with Renault and Red Bull and I hope that from one track to another specifically we can get a bit of an edge over them. So our target is probably fourth in the constructors’ championship at the moment.”

Red Bull:
David Coulthard:

“The result of all the hard work is that the cars go to Australia having completed a high mileage, showing good reliability and what seems like an encouraging level of performance. Now it’s a case of getting to Melbourne to see where we really are.”

Jarno Trulli:

“There is still room for improvement but this shows the team has done a good job over the winter tests. Of course we won’t know the real running order until Melbourne but I’m quite confident for the season. It’s definitely looking much better than last year so I’m happy for the team.”

Toro Rosso:
Sebastian Vettel (about a month ago):

“At the moment it (the STR2) looks and feels really good. We will get the new car after the first three or four races so we will start the season with an evolution of the 2007 car, the STR2B. In fact I see it as a benefit to start the season with a car I know and that has overcome reliability issues in the last quarter of the ’07 season. Let’s wait and see if we are not doing better with proven material than many others in their brand new machines having to overcome teething problems.”

Ross Brawn:

“I think wins this year will be fortuitous! I think we have to be realistic and say our objective this year is to score some points, to get the team respectable again, to consolidate the team and get everything functioning in the team properly again, so if we win this year it will be very lucky.”

Force India:
Giancarlo Fisichella:

“I am quite happy because first of all the car balance was very good and then the times were very consistent. We are quite close to most of the other people, which is also encouraging. The team did a good job and I am very happy with the atmosphere now.”

Mike Gascoyne:

“We have actually made a step forward and we know we have got another substantial improvement for Melbourne, so well done to all the team for its hard work.”

Super Aguri:
radio silence …


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