BMW Sauber F1.08 unveiled in Munich

BMW Sauber 2008The launch season continues, BMW unveiled their 2008 challenger F1.08. The team hopes that this car will close the gap to Ferrari and McLaren and will enter the fight for some race wins. The car itself is an evolution of their 2007 car. The low triple-plane front wing is closer to McLaren design than to Ferrari and Toyota. But BMW Sauber seems to be following in the steps of Ferrari (and Toyota) – the F1.08 features the wheel fairings.

BMW Sauber 2008

BMW Sauber 2008

BMW Sauber 2008

The livery already sports the logo of BMW Sauber’s newest partner – T-Systems.

BMW Sauber 2008

Here is the list of the main new developments on new BMW Sauber:

- Three plane front wing
- Significantly slimmer nose section
- Redesigned (smaller) sidepods
- Ultra slim rear section
- Wheel fairings

It is difficult to judge any car before some on track comparison to other teams is available. But BMW Sauber did have some advantages that might work in their favour. They could begin their 2008 car development much earlier than Ferrari and McLaren fighting for the drivers title till the last race. Unlike Renault, Toyota, Honda, Red Bull they also had no major issues to address and could fully focus their attention on improvement of their sucessful 2007 car, the car that scored points in every single race of the 2007 season. Then there is also the continuity – both 2007 drivers continue with BMW Sauber in 2008. They however lost their test drivers Vettel and Glock and the replacements have not been announced yet (Asmer and Villa are the likely candidates).

The team expects come up with new aero package for the opening race in Melbourne.

Wishes for 2008 – Nick Heidfeld:

“My wish is for us to achieve our season’s target this time round again and take home our first race win. Needless to say I want to be the driver standing up there on the top step of the podium. But the important thing first off is for us to get there as a team. Then I’ll seize my chance sooner or later.”

And what does Robert Kubica think about F1 racing in 2008:

“For me it is simple: it will more or less be the same as now. We shall all adapt quite easily, as this is our job, and the quickest driver will win. I think all the speculation now will be a bit like the fuss over the change in tyres. Some of us like me had to make more changes than others for the characteristics of the Bridgestone tyres, but it was no big deal. With the new regulations we will have to be a bit more gentle on the throttle and smoother. I am sure there will be more drivers making mistakes and going off as a result, especially in the rain. In these conditions we will most likely have to have a different approach and I think a race in conditions like we had in Fuji would be impossible.”

Will any of these 2 drivers be able to win a race in 2008 ?

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  1. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    “Ultra slim rear section”

    shouldn’t that read:

    “Missing the rear section”

    talk about shedding weight, it’s like they half finished the rear end,

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    The aerodynamic intricacies of these cars is fantastic. Each team has obviously spent a ton of time fine tuning every aspect.

    These cars look more like fighter jets than race cars.

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