2008 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 50 Days To Go

50 days

Only 50 days left and the Aussie GP will be on the way. To mark the occassion I started a poll on the left sidebar – vote for your 2008 F1 Champion. If you haven’t done so, make sure you also join the 2008 F1 Wolf Prediction Game.

In the past 10 days we had some official and some unoficial car launches. First Red Bull launched in a low key way their RB4 in Jerez. Williams and Renault rolled out their new F1 cars in Valencia, with Renault planning the official launch for next week. Right after them Rubens Barrichello took the new Honda RA108 for a spin.

Drivers are slowly beginning to show they new lids, you can follow the new 2008 driver helmets here. Fernando Alonso is settling in Renault again, and seems to be reminding himslef of the good old times with his new helmet too.

There were Super Aguri sale rumours circulating, but if anything has been sold to Alejandro Agag, Super Aguri team is not aware of it. The team is the last one yet to officially confirm both drivers and the only one that did not test in Valencia.

The Valencia test attracted most of the F1 attention this week, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams doing pretty well. Heikki Kovalainen seems to have get used to McLaren car very quickly and very well.

The season haven’t even started and there are already claims that some teams may have found a way around the TC ban. FIA was also in action. Max Mosley is ready to introduce and confident to police a budget cap as early as from 2009 season. Slight change in the rules is on the way for 2008 season – teams will be allowed one penalty free engine change per car per season.

Kimi F1 RacingMax Mosley can’t seem to able to stop mumbling about the spy gate. He warned that the next team caught spying faces exclusion.

F1 Racing magazine finally devoted the cover to Kimi Raikkonen, few months after he won his F1 title. ING signed up as a sponsor of the beloved Hungarian GP. Lewis Hamilton signed up with McLaren until the end of 2012 season, and no doubt Ron Dennis added something to Hamilton’s paycheck too.

Nigel Stepney came out and said he never thougt that him passing Ferrari data to McLaren will result in McLaren using them, or something along those lines.

And finally, Lewis Hamilton revealed he knows how not to behave, and it was no one other than Fernando Alonso who taught him the lesson:

“He showed me just how not to behave as an F1 driver. He was (the leader) at the beginning, wasn’t he, but it changed. Well, he thought he was at the beginning,. But I don’t think that should be the case, we should be a team. It should be equal.”

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  1. Black ZeddNo Gravatar says:

    “Lewis Hamilton signed up with McLaren until the end of 2012 season, and no doubt Ron Dennis added something to Hamilton’s paycheck too.”

    I heard speculations long time ago Lewis will be paid up to 100mil per year..do you have the info on what’s the actual amount?

  2. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    It is said to be around GBP10 mil a year, that is today around US$20 mil. (source BBC). But no doubt there are some performance bonuses added to it

    After Ralf Schumacher departed F1 the highest paid drivers are believed to be Raikkonen and Alonso at about US$40 mil a year (source grandprix.com)

  3. Black ZeddNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks..It would be absurd if Hamilton is paid 100mil :)

  4. ShaunNo Gravatar says:

    I read that he would be getting £50million a year, can’t remember where i read it though.


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