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happy-new-year Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel, F1Wolf wishes everybody Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

I wish us another exciting Formula 1 season with 20 cars on the grid, 1000mg Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel. Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel paypal, I also wish us all to either get used to the ugly 2009 cars or for the cars to at the end turn out to be less ugly than the early hybrid versions suggest :-) .

I do hope that the 2009 season will be more about racing and less about scandals, Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel ebay, 30mg Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel, politics and bankruptcies.

I also hope that in 2009 we will not loose any more traditional Grands Prix and instead we hear about F1 returning to USA and Canada, 50mg Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel. 1000mg Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel, Happy New F1 Year . Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel usa. Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel india. Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel australia. 100mg Retin A Micro 0.1 Gel.

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[caption id="attachment_3480" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Was it fault of the drivers ?"]Was it fault of the drivers ?[/caption]

The rumours about Fernando Alonso signing for Ferrari Diflucan Yeast Infections, will probably keep on coming until the Spanish driver actually makes the move. But if we are to believe what we read in the news his eventual move to Ferrari would be a popular one in Italy. Several Italian racing figures voiced their support for Alonso-Ferrari link, 10mg Diflucan Yeast Infections. But what I found interesting in those speaches is the hint at the quality of current Ferrari drivers by Cesare Fiorio, Diflucan Yeast Infections uk, the former Ferrari team boss who granted Alonso his debut F1 test with Minardi in 1999:

"Winning the constructors' title, Maranello showed that in the pits and at the factory they are the best. But if you do not win the drivers' title, 150mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, it must be at least a little bit the fault of the driver, Diflucan Yeast Infections overseas, no?"

I think Mr. Fiorio got it a bit wrong, Diflucan Yeast Infections. I would agree that Kimi Raikkonen was far from his best in 2008. But despite his poor form he still managed to finish the championship in 3rd place, Diflucan Yeast Infections paypal, over 20 points ahead of 7th placed McLaren's number 2 Heikki Kovalainen (driving rather equal car). 750mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, With only one point separating Hamilton and Massa it was the difference between Raikkonen and Kovalainen that decided the constructors' championship.

And who is more to blame for Massa not winning the title . Diflucan Yeast Infections, The driver or the team . Yes, 30mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, Massa's concentration took some days off in Malaysia or Silverstone for example, 250mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, but he lost sure win in Hungary thanks to engine blow up (the factory) and probably serious points at least in Singapore thanks to the refueling hose fiasco (the pits). All he needed was 1 more point or his engine lasting 2 more laps in Hungary ...

Yes, 40mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, it would be exciting to see a driver like Fernando Alonso in Ferrari one day. 500mg Diflucan Yeast Infections, But Alonso alone can't guarantee the drivers' title ...

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Clomid Forums

[caption id="attachment_3470" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Carlos Slim - The saviour ?"]Carlos Slim - The saviour ? Clomid Forums, [/caption]

The very quiet Christmas season was disturbed by the story in Italian papers La Stampa. The story has since been denied by both camps - Carlos Slim and Honda (see bottom of this article). Clomid Forums mexico, The article posted on December 27 suggests that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has put his cash into the Honda F1 team:

"The news is not official as all the details have yet to be formalised. But two things are certain - the team has been saved and the drivers will be Jenson Button and rookie Bruno Senna."

Bruno Senna connection does make sense. He has been one of the drivers considered and tested in Barcelona by Honda F1 prior to Honda's withdrawal announcement, 50mg Clomid Forums. Also Bruno Senna has been sponsored by Embratel (subsidiary of Slim's Telmex) since 2006, Clomid Forums.

[caption id="attachment_3471" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Bruno Senna backed by Embratel since 2006"]Bruno Senna backed by Embratel since 2006[/caption]

As Jose Arellano commented earlier on different post Carlos Slim's Telmex has been involved in motorsport for quite a while supporting teams and drivers in many different racing series - T Sport in British Formula 3, Clomid Forums japan, Chip Ganassi team in the USA for example. Telmex has also been supporting development of Mexican drivers through its "stairway" concept that starts in series such as Barber Dodge Formula, German BMW Formula, Clomid Forums canada, British Formula 3, 20mg Clomid Forums, Atlantic Formula, Formula Renault, the now defunct Champ Car, Clomid Forums us, even NASCAR. Clomid Forums craiglist, Some similarities with Red Bull's junior driver program come to mind here.

[caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Telmex in British F3 with T Sport"]Telmex in British F3 with T Sport[/caption]

Formula 1 seems to be the natural step up for Carlos Slim. Clomid Forums, Let's see how this story develops. Autosport for now believes any deal for Honda F1 team is yet to be finalized, Clomid Forums ebay. According to Autosport Carlos Slim is only one of four parties talking to Honda (besides David Richards and his Kuwait backers Investment Dar Company, 200mg Clomid Forums, Greek shipping magnate Achilleas Kallakis and an unidentified Swiss group) and no announcement should be expected before end of the year.

Both Carlos Slim's Telmex and Honda acted quickly to deny this stroy:

Ross Brawn (to The Daily Telegraph):

"We would love it if it were true, but it's pure speculation from various members of the media, Clomid Forums coupon. It's just been one of those rumours which has developed a life of its own. There has been a huge amount of interest, Clomid Forums. It's now got to the stage where we need to filter out the serious from the not so serious. We're all hopeful that something will happen and we're anxious to turn up the wick again in the new year."

Nick Fry to
"While it would be inappropriate to comment on any one potential purchaser of the team, Ross and I are very pleased with the level and calibre of interest in our team and we hope that we can bring this to a conclusion by the end of January. In the meantime, preparations for Melbourne continue."

Escuderia Telmex:
"Escuderia Telmex informs that Carlos Slim Helu has not acquired nor has any negotiations for this aim with the Honda Formula One team. All the information on this subject lacks foundation and is completely false."

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Cialis For Less

Cialis For Less, One of the highlights of the 2008 racing year for me was the Macau GP. Thanks to our quick Nick we had the opportunity to get to the heart of the action, 10mg Cialis For Less. Cialis For Less overseas, Nick also mounted the video camera inside his Porsche and taped good one and half hour of racing action. I played around with his footage, Cialis For Less mexico, 100mg Cialis For Less, added few bits caught on my camera and result is this 23 minutes video edit of Macau GP onboard footage. Warning - the footage includes some explicit language here and there :-), 40mg Cialis For Less. Cialis For Less us,
Macau GP through the eyes of the driver from F1Wolf on Vimeo. 750mg Cialis For Less. 1000mg Cialis For Less. 500mg Cialis For Less. 20mg Cialis For Less.

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Purchase Cheap Cialis Online

merry-christmas Purchase Cheap Cialis Online, F1Wolf would like to wish all regular and accidental readers of this site a very Merry Christmas . Purchase Cheap Cialis Online paypal. 150mg Purchase Cheap Cialis Online. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online india. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online coupon. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online ebay. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online uk. 30mg Purchase Cheap Cialis Online. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online craiglist. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online australia. Purchase Cheap Cialis Online canada.

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Lowest Prices Retin A

toyota Lowest Prices Retin A, Honda has been making F1 headlines for all the wrong (or right ?) reasons for weeks but in last few days Toyota has been getting rather unusual degree of attention too.

Their drivers Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli have both been confirmed for quite a while but these days nobody can take anything for granted. run a short story about voices from Japan suggesting that Kamui Kobayashi (currently Toyota's 3rd driver) may be promoted to racing seat for 2009 in expense of Jarno Trulli, 200mg Lowest Prices Retin A. The "persistent rumours" say that as a part of cost saving Toyota may disassemble the young drivers program and would need to place Kobayashi somewhere. 50mg Lowest Prices Retin A, And the good qualifier not so good racer Trulli may have to make the way. Toyota team president John Howett however says, that they have contract with Trulli in place, whatever that means, Lowest Prices Retin A.

Kobayashi is not the only Japanese driver with Toyota race drive in sight. Kazuki Nakajima, Lowest Prices Retin A usa, another product of Toyota's young driver program, 250mg Lowest Prices Retin A, also sees his future with Toyota:

"Well, if Toyota perform well next year then it could very well be an option. I am quite happy with Williams, Lowest Prices Retin A japan, but it could be a good fit to see a Japanese driver in a Japanese team. Lowest Prices Retin A coupon, But let's wait and see how '09 develops before making plans for 2010."

Funny talk from a guy who while doing decent job hasn't done anything really special in F1 yet, other than running over his mechanics during pit stop ... Lowest Prices Retin A, Toyota Motor Corporation also made the headlines for the wrong reasons - The Japanese car maker announced yesterday their first ever operating loss, and not a small one - 150 billion yen. This immediately casted some fresh doubts over Toyota's F1 future but the company was quick to confirm their commitment - Katsuaki Watanabe, Lowest Prices Retin A india, President of Toyota Motor Corporation:
"We continue F1 and other motorsport activities while cutting costs."

Yoshie Matsuura, Lowest Prices Retin A usa, spokeperson:
"We have absolutely no plans to withdraw from Formula One. We know that [F1] is very expensive and that cost-cutting is the key to survival."

A day later (today), Toyota announced a change of the president, 30mg Lowest Prices Retin A. Katsuaki Watanabe will be from April 2009 replaced by current vicepresident Akio Toyoda, Lowest Prices Retin A mexico, a founding family scion. Watanabe will become vice chairman.

There are also reports that a dealer in Galway, Ireland, offers free Toyota Aygo with a purchase of Lexus. That is a decent freebie - Get a car, we give you free shopping cart with it :-) .

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Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol

Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, [caption id="attachment_3447" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Prodrive - They gave up on 2008 entry, will they make it in 2009 ?"]Prodrive - They gave up on 2008 entry, will they make it in 2009 ?[/caption]

Many different parties have already been connected with the purchase of Honda F1 Racing. Some names were making some sense, some were just rubbish stories, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol ebay. But Nick Fry seems to be confident the buyer will be found:

"We have had a high level of interest in the team since Honda Motor Co. 500mg Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, announced their withdrawal from Formula One. Since that time, Ross (Brawn) and I have been engaged in ongoing discussions with several serious potential new owners who have expressed an interest in purchasing the team, 250mg Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol. Work on the development and build of our 2009 car continues during the next few weeks to ensure that our objective of being on the grid at Melbourne at the end of March will be achieved."

Some insight into how the search is going was expected early in January but bits of  information made it to the medias yesterday already, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol.

Not surprisingly the most serious candidate is the one connected with the Honda purchase from the very moment Honda pulled the plug on its F1 team - David Richards. 1000mg Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, The reports on Sunday suggest that he travelled to Middle East for talks with his backers :

"There are a group of people in the Middle East who want to support a Formula One entry for me and have been very specific about it for a year now. But we have to agree when the timing is right."

The question obviously is, if the timing is right, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol japan.
"When you sit down in the cold light of day and realise the liability you would be taking on, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol craiglist, and the huge restructuring of staff and resources that will be needed, investors will have to think long and hard before taking a punt. Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, You will have to bridge a big gap in finance, probably for three years, before balancing the accounts. The big question remains: Is it too big a challenge at this moment in time, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol overseas. That's what I need to determine."

This very much confirms at least the fact that David Richards and Prodrive are looking into the Honda purchase.I am not sure how happy would Nick Fry be should the Prodrive deal work out. 20mg Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, Fry is the one who pushed Richards out of the BAR Honda team following their (most) successful 2004 season ...

While David Richards interest in Honda F1 team is no surprise, I really do not know what to think about the 2 other suitors mentioned by usually reliable Autosport website (quoting Daily Mail as source) - Greek shipping tycoon Achilleas Kallakis and Force India boss Vijay Mallya, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol us. Unlike Autosport story however the original Daily Mail article suggests that the rescue plan that involved also Vijay Mallya reached an impasse, Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol. But still, 200mg Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, why would Vijay Mallya even want to get involved with another team . One Force is not enough . Can't he remember that following his purchase of Spyker he stopped sponsoring Toyota . And that sure was much smaller side business than purchase of another team would be ... Flagyl Interactions With Alcohol, Makes no sense.

At the same time The Sun reports that another serious candidate is Mexican billionaire and allegedly the 2nd richest person in the world Carlos Slim. His takeover could be good news for Bruno Senna, as he is sponsored by one of Slim's companies - Embratel. I am not sure how reliable The Sun is ...

In the meantime both 2006-2008 Honda drivers pin their 2009 F1 hopes on their current team. But while Button has received some supportive words from his current bosses and also from David Richards I haven't spotted much support for Barrichello from anyone yet...

Photo: Prodrive .

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Zithromax Breastfeed

The F1 liveries of the past Zithromax Breastfeed, are back - this is year 1997. The year when Williams were the dominant force, Zithromax Breastfeed australia, Zithromax Breastfeed paypal, the year when Marlboro moved from McLaren to Ferrari. The McLarens turned silver/black, 10mg Zithromax Breastfeed, Zithromax Breastfeed uk, the barcode appeared on Ferrari cars for the first time. The variety of all the sponsors seems to have been much bigger back then, 100mg Zithromax Breastfeed, 150mg Zithromax Breastfeed, not too many of those are involved in F1 these days. And look at the variety of engines -Ferrari, 50mg Zithromax Breastfeed, 40mg Zithromax Breastfeed, Mercedes, Ford, Zithromax Breastfeed canada, 750mg Zithromax Breastfeed, Renault, Peugeot, Yamaha, Honda, Hart...

Update: I totally forgot about the MasterCard Lola ... Added the livery to the bottom of the post

[caption id="attachment_3429" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Williams-Renault"]Williams-Renault[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3430" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Williams-Renault (no tobacco)"]Williams-Renault (no tobacco)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3443" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Ferrari"]Ferrari[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3431" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Ferrari (no tobacco)"]Ferrari (no tobacco)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3432" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Benetton-Renault"]Benetton-Renault[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3433" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Benetton-Renault"]Benetton-Renault[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3434" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="McLaren-Mercedes"]McLaren-Mercedes[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3435" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Jordan-Peugeot"]Jordan-Peugeot[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3436" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Prost-Mugen-Honda"]Prost-Mugen-Honda[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3437" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Sauber-Petronas"]Sauber-Petronas[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3438" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Arrows-Yamaha"]Arrows-Yamaha[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3439" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Stewart-Ford"]Stewart-Ford[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3440" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Tyrrell-Ford"]Tyrrell-Ford[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3441" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Minardi-Hart"]Minardi-Hart[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3442" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Minardi-Hart"]Minardi-Hart[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3490" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="MasterCard Lola"]MasterCard Lola[/caption]

MasterCard Lola never raced. The cars failed to qualify for Australian GP and then the team withdrew from F1.

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Prozac And Hairloss Experiences

I found this message in my mailbox on Friday morning:

Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, Your web hosting account has been deactivated (reason: site causing performance problems). Although your web site has been disabled, 100mg Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, Prozac And Hairloss Experiences mexico, your data may still be available for up to 15 days, after which it will be deleted, Prozac And Hairloss Experiences usa. 250mg Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, If you feel this deactivation is in error, please contact customer support as soon as possible.

Of course I felt that the deactivation was in error, Prozac And Hairloss Experiences uk. 30mg Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, So I contacted the customer service trying to find out what is the problem. That however they never told me, 750mg Prozac And Hairloss Experiences. They threw some numbers at me saying once I get over those my account gets suspended, Prozac And Hairloss Experiences. 200mg Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, I never got even remotely close to those numbers. But arguments like those do not go well with those arrogant customer service people, Prozac And Hairloss Experiences australia. Prozac And Hairloss Experiences japan, All they said was that if I feel there is nothing wrong with my data then perhaps it is time to upgrade my hosting plan. Alternatively I was to hire a webdeveloper to solve the issues for me. Prozac And Hairloss Experiences, What issues however they still did not tell me. Before I had chance to ask any more question they cut me off from the Live Chat too ...

The help came via Facebook from Manila :-) . It does not look like there was much wrong with my data other than the fact there seem to be way too many sites hosted on my old shared server. The hosting company does not care. For them the solution to their problems is to suspend their customers' accounts witout any prior warning ... Very strange way of customer care and services. All they achieved is that I moved the site to different host.

Thanks to everybody who offered me help yesterday and sent over those encouraging messages .

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150 Mg Clomid Online Sales

150 Mg Clomid Online Sales, [caption id="attachment_3422" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Two Honda teams started 2008 season, none will be back in 2009"]Two Honda teams started 2008 season, none will be back in 2009[/caption]

The 2008 Formula One season was one the most exciting in recent memory. We have had new races, new faces, 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales paypal, new race winners and a new champion. 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales canada, But 2008 was also year of losses for Formula One. Here is brief overview of what (who) we will not see next year:

Super Aguri F1 Team

Once Honda decided to cut the financial lifeline it was only matter of time for the de-facto Honda B team to shut down. The last minute funding from the Honda allowed Super Aguri to race in Australia, 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales coupon. Honda continued to keep Super Aguri on life support for three more races while negotiations with potential investors (buyers) went on, 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales. But nothing firm ever came out of all the talks and after Spanish Grand Prix Honda pulled the plug on the short lived Super Aguri Formula 1 team. 40mg 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales, Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson lost their jobs. While Sato may still return to Formula 1 with Toro Rosso, the folding of Super Aguri does look like end of F1 road for Anthony Davidson, 50mg 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales.

David Coulthard

David Coulthard decided to end his Formula 1 racing career that started in 1994 when following the death of Ayrton Senna he was promoted to race driver. 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales, His press conference speech following his 3rd place in Montreal this year already sounded like a farewell message, few weeks later ahead of British GP he made the official annoucement. 20mg 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales, Canadian Grand Prix

There has been talk about many GPs being in danger but as far as I can remember there was not much talk about Canada being one of the candidates for the ax. The bigger was the surprise when on October 7 FIA released updated version of 2009 F1 calendar without Canadian GP.  Surprised organizers started to work on saving the race but ultimately the talks with Bernie Ecclestone failed.There will be no Formula 1 race in North America in 2009, 10mg 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales.

French Grand Prix

Less than two weeks later the Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile (FFSA) decided to cancel the 2009 French Grand Prix. Although the Magny Cours race should not originally even be on 2008 calendar cancellation of French GP with no new venue taking the place of Magny Cours came as a surprise, 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales. 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales india, Financial difficulties were given as the reason. The French GP will be missing from Formula 1 calendar for the first time since 1955 ...

Honda F1 racing

The biggest shock was still to come, 1000mg 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales. Following a day of smoke signals coming out of Brackley on December 5th Honda announced immediate pull out from Formula One. 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales, In effort to help finding the buyer they later softened the talking a bit, even suggesting that they may the new owners through 2009 season. 150 Mg Clomid Online Sales ebay, One thing however remains certain, there will be no Honda cars or Honda engines on the grid in 2009. Whether some team will rise from Honda's ashes still remains to be seen.

Grooved tyres

One thing thatfew will cry after are the grooves. The 1998 - 2008 era of grooved tyres is over. The slicks are back .

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Acomplia Reviews

100-days Acomplia Reviews, One hundred days to go before the red lights go off in Melbourne, the countdown to new Formula One season is back. Acomplia Reviews craiglist, Here is where Formula 1 stands 100 days before the 2009 kick off:

- Only 16 drivers have been confirmed so far for 2009 season. Most of them keep their old seats, Acomplia Reviews overseas, Acomplia Reviews us, only Sebastian Vettel moved up from Toro Rosso to take the ex-DCs seat in Red Bull. Sebastian Buemi seems to be set for Toro Rosso seat, 500mg Acomplia Reviews, 150mg Acomplia Reviews, Jenson Button is danger of having no car to drive in 2009.

- Following Honda's pull out F1 grid is at the moment reduced to 9 teams and 18 cars, 500mg Acomplia Reviews. There are stories circulating about potential buyers that include David Richards (Prodrive), Nicholas Todt (ART), Carlin Motorsports, Martin Leach and even "a group of people previously connected with Toro Rosso", Acomplia Reviews. 750mg Acomplia Reviews, - The major cost saving measures have been agreed on by the teams and approved by FIA.

- The winter testing season has started, Acomplia Reviews usa. Acomplia Reviews india, Most of the cars still run their modified 2008 cars but some teams already ventured out with 2009 style front or rear wing or both giving us the opportunity to appreaciate the beauty of Formula 1 cars in 2009 and beyond :-) . Well, 250mg Acomplia Reviews, and the grooves are gone.

- The rubber gloves have become the latest fashion accessory for Formula 1 pit crew.

The 2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown will be back in 10 days.

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Flagyl And Yeast Infection

[caption id="attachment_3413" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="TATA logo will appear on Ferrari F1 cars"]Tata logo will appear on Ferrari F1 cars Flagyl And Yeast Infection, [/caption]

Positive news from carmakers world are rather rare these days. Flagyl And Yeast Infection canada, The big three in the USA are staring bankruptcy in the face, Subaru and Suzuki pulled out of World Rally Championship and we all know what steps Honda took .., Flagyl And Yeast Infection overseas. Flagyl And Yeast Infection australia, But there are some that buck the trends:

1) Ferrari managed to get themselves new sponsor. And the new sponsor is a carmaker - TATA Motor, Flagyl And Yeast Infection craiglist. Flagyl And Yeast Infection paypal, The Indian car manufacturer that used to sponsor Williams (or pay for Narain Karthikeyan's test driver seat at Williams) has agreed a sponsorship deal with Ferrari, becoming the first Indian brand to appear on Ferrari F1, 50mg Flagyl And Yeast Infection. The details and duration of the deal are to be announced shortly, Flagyl And Yeast Infection. 40mg Flagyl And Yeast Infection, TATA and Ferrari's parent company Fiat have also a connection outside F1 - a joint venture car plant in Maharashtra.

2) A bit further away from F1 - Volkswagen announced today expansion of its plant in Bratislava, 200mg Flagyl And Yeast Infection, 150mg Flagyl And Yeast Infection, Slovakia. VW will create 2, Flagyl And Yeast Infection japan,000 new jobs in its Slovak plant and will invest almost USD410 million. VW is planning to produce two new small family-car models at the Bratislava. Volkswagen, which launched production in Slovakia in 1991, has not cut production in the Bratislava factory in which it produces the VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Skoda Octavia models.

Rather unusual news these days ...

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2013 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
1. Sebastian VETTEL
3. Fernando ALONSO
4. Felipe MASSA
5. Jenson BUTTON
6. Sergio PEREZ
8. Romain GROSJEAN
10. Lewis HAMILTON
12. Esteban GUTIEREZ
Force India
14. Paul di RESTA
15. Adrian SUTIL
16. Pastor MALDONADO
17. Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
18. Daniel RICCIARDO
19. Jean Eric VERGNE
20. Charles PIC
21. Giedo van der GARDE
24. Jules BIANCHI

2013 F1 Calendar

15-17 March - Australia
22-24 March - Malaysia
12-14 April - China
19-21 April - Bahrain
10-12 May - Spain
23-26 May - Monaco
07-09 June - Canada
28-30 June - Great Britain
5-7 July - Germany
26-28 July - Hungary
23-25 August - Belgium
06-08 September - Italy
20-22 September - Singapore
04-06 October - Korea
11-13 October - Japan
25-27 October - India
01-03 November - Abu Dhabi
15-17 November - USA
22-24 November - Brazil


2010 Mercedes GP F1 Merchandise