Renault Case Bears No Relation to McLaren Case

Well, that is the opinion of Max Mosley. Perhaps he read some comments on this site :-) and replied them through The Guardian :-) .

So here are few latest gems courtesy of Max Mosley:

On the 2007 F1 Champion Kimi Raikkonen and whether he pleased Kimi has won it:

“Relieved because, if it had been either of the two McLaren drivers, there would always have been a question mark. I’m not sure how big a question mark but it would have been there. And that puts you in an incredibly difficult position. I think we’ve been very lucky.”

On the Ferrari McLaren thingy:

“People are interested in the human aspect and the whole human aspect of the Ferrari-McLaren thing fascinated a lot of people outside Formula One. The publicity actually increases interest. So I don’t think it does any harm to Formula One as long as the sponsors and so on feel the sport is honestly run and honestly governed.”

What does he exactly mean by the “human aspect” ? Tearful Ron Dennis or enterprising duo Coughlan/Stepney or the not exactly smart act by Mrs. Coughlan or the childish Fernando Alonso ?

On the first McLaren hearing and ruling:

“We summoned McLaren in front of the world council to explain about the dossiers and so on, and they swore that no one except Coughlan knew anything. I felt, as did one or two others on the world council, that although it was extremely suspicious, there wasn’t enough evidence there to impose a penalty. So we didn’t.”

And on what followed:

“We found out that what they told us wasn’t true. If, when Ron learnt about it, he had just called Jean Todt and said, ‘Listen, you’ve got to know about Stepney,’ we’d never even have heard about it. The next opportunity was when they got caught with all the documents, and he should have just come to the world council and said, ‘Look, I’m really sorry, a few of my people know about it and I’m going to eradicate it.’ There would have been a very modest fine and maybe [a deduction of] a few points at the most and it would all have been over. As the police say, we went where the evidence took us and we had no choice but to do that. If we’d swept it under the carpet or pretended it wasn’t important I think everyone would have lost faith in our ability to regulate the sport.”

There are quite a few that have lost the faith in FIA’s ability anyway. But, kidding aside, if he really means what he said here, it again points the finger at Ron Dennis and his judgement or knowledge of his own team… I am really not surprised by the calls for Dennis’ resignation…

And now on how the McLaren case compares to Renault one:

“In the case of Renault every single document and interview was sent to us, right from the beginning, in contrast to McLaren, where there was just a blank denial. And when all the dust settled, there were four drawings, that’s all. There was no other evidence. The Renault case bears no relation at all to the McLaren case. But by carefully spinning it – well, actually, lying about it – they [McLaren] created the perception that it did.”

I see at least two relations – McLaren and Max Mosley feature in both cases …

Now, does he realy dislike Mr. Ron Dennis as rumoured:

“That’s actually not so. I quite like him. But I do despise – I think that’s probably the right word – his attitude to Formula One, when he says, for example, that he’s passionate about Formula One. That’s not true. He’s passionate about McLaren finishing first and second in every race, which is his job, but it’s not the same thing as being passionate about formula one and it’s foolish to pretend that it is.”

So, he does not dislike Ron Dennis, he actually quite likes him :-) . He does not quite trust him though:

“One can only say it’s extremely improbable that Ron didn’t know. Every time I speak to him he still assures me that he would never tell a lie, that he never has told a lie and that he hasn’t lied to us. When you’ve known somebody for 40 years it’s very difficult just to say, ‘Well, I don’t believe you.’ But in the end no hard-nosed lawyer or policeman would believe it for a moment. I’m probably being a bit of a wimp about it.”

The best bit of the interview is however here – hope for the F1 fans :-) :

“I sometimes say jokingly that is it sensible that formula one is run by two old-age pensioners? I don’t think of myself like that, and Bernie certainly doesn’t, but we are, and I think you have to recognise that at a certain point you’ve got to stop.”

I wish we knew where that certain point is…

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