Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 3 – Sidepodcast

SidepodcastThe Meet The Motorsport Bloggers series is back. After venturing into the motorbike world in part 2 it is time to meet another Formula 1 blogger. F1Wolf introduces a great F1 blog – Sidepodcast. This blog is somehow special – besides the great writing it brings cool video and audio shows that are really worth watching and listening to. You can sample the F1Minute daily show on F1Wolf as well (on the left sidebar). Also the Sidepodcast’s video previews were regular features in Race Previews on the F1Wolf during the past Formula 1 season. And here is how Sidepodcast describes Sidepodcast:

Sidepodcast began because the coverage provided by FOM (Formula One Management) left, and still leaves, a lot to be desired. For a technologically advanced sport, online broadcasting appears to be essentially non-existent. We craved better coverage and the only way was to create for ourselves what we wanted to see.

So thanks to IT competence of Bernie Ecclestone we can enjoy Sidepocast shows !!!

The Q&A session comes with a F1Wolf exclusive this time ! Read on !

1. Where are you blogging from
South of England

2. Your name or nickname
Christine Blachford

And this blogger is a lady…

3. When did you start blogging ?
Personally, I started in 2002, but Sidepodcast has been going since Christmas last year.

Happy 1st Birthday to Sidepodcast !

4. Why do you blog ?
Sidepodcast started as a place for us to talk about Formula 1 in general, but gradually it has become more and more about the things the official F1 coverage doesn’t pick up on. We want to encourage insightful and speculative discussion between fans, and luckily, we have some great people contributing.

5. Your favourite F1 team and driver
I’ll let you into a bit of a secret – an F1 Wolf exclusive! – I’m a Jenson Button fan, and that leads me to be a Honda fan as well.

And here it comes, Jenson Button it is, the quick guy with beard in the slow green car with blue spots … Why did I expect to hear Franck Montagny …

6. Your favourite F1 track (both current and all time)
I used to adore Monaco but recently, although the glamour still entices me, the lack of action on track does make it a bit of a let down. I’m intrigued about the upcoming Valencian track.

I think the race in Singapore may be the right remedy for the Monaco let down…

7. Did you go to any F1 races ? Which one was the best for you ?
This year we went to our very first F1 race at Silverstone. I did love the atmosphere and being amongst all the like minded fans, but I didn’t enjoy not knowing what was going on in the race. We had to watch it again when we got home to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

For the “not knowing what is happening” thing I would recommend the Kangaroo TV, seriously. I tried it in Monaco this year and it is one great device. The rental does come for a price, but if few people share it is not that bad. And if more people share 1 Kangaroo, you have choice of several necks as hangers once it starts feeling a bit too heavy.

8. Did you meet any F1 drivers ?
We were lucky enough to be invited to join the Honda guys at Silverstone, so we saw Sato, Davidson, Button and Barrichello. I was impressed because Rubens actually said goodbye to me as he climbed on his scooter to leave!

Oh, that is the Rubens thing that the Sidepoddie Awards were talking about ! Was it the scooter with engine or it used the Rubens power ? I know Alonso prefers the former and DC the latter

9. Your favourite F1 or racing websites ?
I both love and hate the Autosport site at the same time, it has all the news instantly, but the number of posts they can make out of a single story does irritate me. Pitpass is also high on the list, for it’s irreverant look at life in the paddock.

Haven’t realized that before about Autosport, but I did go and check what they published for past 2 days and bingo – what Pitpass has in 1 article Autosport splits into at least 3 :-)

10. Your favourite F1 or racing magazines ?
F1 Racing is one of my favourites, because it focuses less on the news and more on the people involved in the sport. Racecar Engineering is also a popular publication in our household – but not for me!

Oh, F1 Racing, that is the one that so properly celebrated the new F1 champ :-)

11. What TV channel you watch the races on ?
Unfortunately ITV. BBC Radio 5live can ease the pain sometimes, when they’re not talking about cricket or golf.

Haha, almost the same opninion on ITV as our previous guest :-) So am I lucky or unlucky I have to watch it on Star Sports ?

That is it for now from Christine and the Sidepodcast and F1Minute but stay tuned. The Meet The Motorsport Bloggers will back! And while you are waiting, go and check out The Sidepodcast.

Thank you Christine for your time !

Do you have a motorsport blog and want to be part of this series ? If yes then you have 2 options:
a) You can sit back, relax, enjoy your flight and wait for me to contact you
b) You can use my contact form and contact me :-)

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  1. sidepodcastNo Gravatar says:

    “Happy 1st Birthday to Sidepodcast !”

    shoot, we gotta get a cake :)

    “Was it the scooter with engine or it used the Rubens power ?”

    this photo was taken about 30 seconds after he spoke to Christine. out of shot, the girl was hyperventilating, and before he set off, he had to pause to make sure she was okay:

  2. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    haha …

    very nice photogallery by the way !

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