F1 Wolf and Year 2008

In this time zone there are only about 12 hours left for the year 2007, F1 Wolf is all ready for the year 2008. So what is in plans for the next year (besides following the daily F1 developments) ?

Of course the 2008 F1 Prediction Game :-) .

Joing 2008 F1 Prediction Game

The game started last season only weeks after this blog was launched, so of course only few people noticed and played from the beginning. Few more however joined during the season and all of us had exciting time. By all kinds of coincidences a big bunch of us even happened to be in Hong Kong during the final race and had a blast night together watching Kimi winning the whole thing :-) . It promises to be bigger this year, so do not miss out, join in early, otherwise you may regret like some of those who came on board too late last year !

F1 Wolf will continue the Meet The Motorsport Bloggers series in 2008 as well.

F1 Wolf will keep bringing you the goodies, like the screensavers, high resolution photos and some sounds of F1.

F1 Wolf also hopes to get more interactive and as a result to fill up the wall of Friends of F1 Wolf.

And of course there is the racing ! And there is nothing better than watching and hearing  the races live. After being regular at the Chinese GP since 2004, and Malaysian GP since 2005 and visits to Hockenheim in 2006 and Monaco in 2007 there plans for something new for the 2008 season. This is the planed 2008 schedule for F1 Wolf’s Formula 1 travels:

March – Australian Grand Prix – confirmed
June – Canadian Grand Prix – almost confirmed
August – Valencia or Spa – depends when exactly I will be in Europe during the summer
September – Singapore GP – definitelly do not want to miss that one
October – Shanghai – it is only 2 hours away, so one never knows, last minute temptation may kick in :-) although it is not in my plans right now.

Who knows, perhaps I can meet with some of the F1 Wolf regulars at some of the races !

And finally I want to thank everybody who helped F1 Wolf to grow from nothing in February 2007 to what it is now and wish you all only the best to the year 2008 ! May we have one cracking F1 season !

Happy New Year !

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  1. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like we both will be at the Canadian Grand Prix. I’ve got my tickets confirmed and will be seated in the #2 Grandstands.

  2. ShaunNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a busy schedule ahead of you.

    Happy New Year :)

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    It sure looks like a busy year ahead :-) Some of the travel is work related but it does not hurt to time it to match the race days :-)

  4. diamondNo Gravatar says:

    Happy New Year!!

  5. KlokanNo Gravatar says:

    Happy New Year!

  6. [...] Canadian GP is just around corner. After Melbourne this the next stop on my “tour of F1 street tracks” list this year. There will be few firsts for me this time. I have never been to Canadian GP [...]


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