Video – Webber vs Vettel (vs Hamilton) in Fuji Japan

This looks like an amateur video showing what TV feed missed. While it still looks like it was a driving mistake or laps in concentration from Vettel, I wonder, what was Hamilton doing driving the way he was driving, why he almost stopped ?

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  1. mikeNo Gravatar says:

    Ah. That gives a much clearer view of what happened. I noticed Hamilton was doing all manner of odd things behind the safety car but hadn’t seen him run that wide and almost stop.

  2. eremiassNo Gravatar says:

    hamilton is the one to blame. webber cannot overtake because the rules. give this year to hamilton. he will soon be forgotten. can anyone have soooo much luck? he is not such a good driver. he just got a lot of luck. sooooo much luck. toooo much luck. but he will be forgotten, because he is not a driver in class like schumi or raikkonen or alonso. put the guy in a renault and kovalainen will wash his face in his morning urine…

  3. adminNo Gravatar says:

    I would put it this way – what Hamilton did there is not exactly normal behaviour behind the safety car. but unless some one shows us the onboard camera from Hamilton’s car, it is difficult to judge whether his maneuvre was just silly action or a reaction to some action of the safety car in front of him etc etc

    his action quite clearly caused some distraction behind, with especially Webber not knowing what is going and slowing down… Vettel then would have to be very lucky not to hit Webber… so yes, Hamilton very likely triggered this chain of events

    but … why were Webber and Vettel driving that close behind Hamilton and why was Vettel so close behing Webber in such a bad visibility and on so bad surface

    If hamilton did not slow down, this accident very likely would not have happened. But if Webber and Vettel kept some safe distance, this accident could have been probably avoided

    but we were not there on the track driving in those conditions…

  4. PauloNo Gravatar says:

    Hamilton stopped this way many times while safety-car was on the track. He really deserves a punishment because of that.

  5. Walter RiedelNo Gravatar says:

    It is a fact, Hamilton is a good driver but this little immature and spoiled boy is causing unnecessary disturbances in such a dangerous sport. He is not acting like a grown up man and less a formula 1 pilot. We will see when his luck runs out.

  6. JulienNo Gravatar says:

    It’s obvious that Hamilton is the one to blame in that story! And Mr Admin, if you still ask yourself why Webber and Vettel were so close to him, I would tell you simply that even if there was a lot of rain, that was still a race, and things commes very quickly… safe distance don’t have anything to do with intempestive stopping in the middle of a race. Vettel claimed that he thought that Hamilton was retiring, which is clearly understandable…
    I think this technic of accelerating and braking behind a safety car is total bulshit, and Hamilton just proved that he’s an immature pilot that had loads of chance to get an entrance ticket to a highly competitive team.
    I also feel that this season 2007 has been massacred by sides taken by a mafia called FIA.
    At least, in other sports, decisions are not taken by a bunched of deciders for sale!

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