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Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, This must be the longest post title ever on this blog :-)

As usual, we watched the race at F1Wolf's official bar and we even had some our game participants and regular F1Wolf readers from overeseas present. It is nice of people to fly 10, 1000mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, 250mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, 000 km to watch the race with F1Wolf :-)

The season long game came to a close, here are the final results:

Final Standings:
287 pts - fatfish
277 pts - mp
274 pts - fantoci
250 pts - blazena
216 pts - chobi
212 pts - brabhamburger
204 pts - klokan
161 pts - solly
137 pts - Zblkhwk
50 pts - igi
24 pts - choudy
14 pts - fisheye

The winner was present, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom us, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom australia, so the award ceremony took the place immediatelly after the race, here is fatfish receiving the Mumm bottle from fantoci
Mumm and fatfish
Congratulations to fatfish, Prozac Withdrawal Symptom japan. 150mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, She probably deserved it, after leading the game from the first race.., Prozac Withdrawal Symptom paypal. 750mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom, There was also second prize, for the winner of most rounds of the game in the second half of the season, 100mg Prozac Withdrawal Symptom. Prozac Withdrawal Symptom india, Embarassingly enough this prize went to me and I am keeping the other Mumm :-)

Most Wins (2nd half season) Game:
mp (aka F1Wolf) - 4 points (3 full + 1 shared win)
fatfish - 1 point (1 full win)
igi - 1 point (1 full win)
blazena - 1 point (1 full win)
brabhamburger - 1 point (1 shared win)
fantoci - 1 point (1 shared win)
klokan - 1 point (1 shared win)

Here are some photos from Brazilian GP at Amici. You can't see me, I had the camera :-)

After Race


Beer All Over

Beer and Laptop





(Besides watching the race, klokan also conducted an experiment. Result is - Pouring a pint of beer over the laptop keyboard is NOT a good idea. )

Thanks to everybody participating in this year's game .

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Great contest…I enjoyed it greatly. Wish I could have been there to see the final race with the rest of you…but its a long trip from Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

    See you all next year!

  2. adminNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for joining, the contest will be back in 2008 with more prizes !

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