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Few days ago I published a post "Interesting Quote From Fernando Alonso On His Future Overdose Prozac, ". 1000mg Overdose Prozac, One reader, unfortunately Anonymous, Overdose Prozac us, Overdose Prozac australia, left not too happy comment on the accuracy of the article. I have no intentions to make up stories or distort the facts, Overdose Prozac japan, 10mg Overdose Prozac, so I am very happy that this reader engaged in the constructive discussion with me and he gave me the link to the original Spanish article.

This is the Anonymous reader of this blog had to comment:

Here you have the link, 50mg Overdose Prozac, Overdose Prozac mexico, if you keep the first sentence it is close to what English speaking media says "No sé donde voy a correr el año que viene. Es imposible saberlo, 30mg Overdose Prozac. Lo único que sé es que tengo contrato con McLaren y que aquí sí que puedo correr"

But close to the end you have this "Tengo contrato con McLaren y aquí voy a correr, si no pasa nada raro, Overdose Prozac. Overdose Prozac craiglist, Es lo mismo que la guerra entre nosotros dos. Está bien escribir todo acerca de a ver adonde puedo ir, 20mg Overdose Prozac, hacer encuestas y todo esto. Pero a día de hoy tengo contrato aquí y voy a correr aquí. Y no hay mucha especulación en eso"

Now you can decide ...

I am not going to attempt to translate. Those who speak Spanish can do it themselves :-), for the rest ask friends or Babel fish :-)

I want to thank the Anonymous reader of the original article for his input.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought you already knew me. I am a colleague from Blog Catalog, although my cars are smaller. Besides, i am sure you already know I am from Spain and I like Fernando Alonso and , more important, Real Madrid. See you in the web and you have a wonderful blog I have already recomended to my friends. YeiBi

  2. F1 Wolf says:

    oh yea, now I know :-)
    I will prepare for you some of my high res pics of Alonso and leave a message on your blogcatalog page when they are ready


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