Formula 1 – French GP Race Review (with video)

It took them quite some time, but Ferraris returned to the top. They were helped by not so perfect start from Hamilton and Alonso being way down the grid did not harm them too.

Race start:Alonso’s move on Heidfeld

Race highlights

But even without this sort of luck they did seem to be faster than McLarens last weekend. It looked like easy win for Massa for big part of the race. But once Kimi got ahead of him after 2nd round of pit stops, only mistake by Kimi would change the order. There was probably no way Massa would challenge Kimi, same as Kimi did nothing 2 weeks ago in USA. Felipe blamed traffic and his probably right. But he also tried not to blame anybody in particular when he admitted that the midfield cars were engaged in a fight themselves. Bad luck for Massa, good start and good luck for Kimi, almost perfect result for a team. Kimi needed this result badly …

Not a weekend to remember for McLaren. The 3 stop strategy for Hamilton did not make much sense. It looks like the team settled for 3rd and preferred to keep him out of the traffic. The only difficult time he had when he rejoined behind Kubica. But Lewis dealt with that swiftly and came home 3rd – 8th time in a row on the podium. Alonso looked quite nervous and eager down the pack, making several mistakes while looking for his way up. But in all fairness, scoring 2 or 0 makes not much difference for him, so he simply did not mind taking risks and provided the only racing entertainment of the day.

Both BMWs had good races with their best point tally ever. They also extended their lead over Renaults. Not much went wrong for them in France.

Renault must be disappointed. Sixth place for Fisi is not bad, but they sure hoped for more after solid qualifying. Kovalainen felt victim to Trulli’s defence from Alonso and his race was over before it even started. Fisi had a great defensive racing with Alonso. This guy gets a lot of stick but he still knows how to race ….

Honda finally scored their first point. And it was a point scored fair and square as a combination of good strategy and pretty solid race pace. Button had one of the fastest laps. Well, the fight for the points in the midfield is going to be tougher …

Red Bulls showed lots of promise on Friday and Saturday but the race was one big disappointment.

Williams, especially Nico Rosberg, had pretty fine race, bad luck for them that Button appeared in points and relegated Nico to 9th.

Toro Rosso probably hoped for more after impressive times on Friday and Saturday, but at the end double DNF …

Super Aguri lost 1 car and Sato’s race was lost 2 weeks ago already with the 10 place penalty, so not much to say about them.

Spyker …. Sutil was unlucky with the car. But what the hell did Albers do … Running away from pits with refueling hose still attached to the car …

The race was in general pretty dull, as usual on this track. F1 fanatic rated it 2 out 5, perhaps thanks to few overtakings by Alonso. There should be French GP on the calendar, but please, come up with race track …

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  1. Vik says:

    Now we are in middle of championship.

    Who do you bet to take it?

  2. F1 Wolf says:

    haha, this is a tough one :-) Kimi’s win means that there is still no clear no 1 in Ferrari – the longer Kimi and Massa keep stealing points from each other the better for McLaren drivers … At this moment I would probably place my money on Hamilton. But … he is yet to have a bad race, who knows how that would affect him … We only had 8 races so far, 9 more to go, lots of points available, anything can happen.

  3. Cuentos says:

    Of your last posts, this one is the most interesting… for me. Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.

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