Formula 1 – European GP Race Review

The rain threatened several races this year, finally it came. Finally… As we have it in F1 these days, only changing track conditions or safety car confusion result in exciting races.

It looked like everybody expected the rain to come in the early stages of the race. But clearly not on lap 1 and not a rainstorm. Video here. The cars sliding around and out and over, that was one mayhem. Kimi not able to hold the line and sliding out of the pitlane exit back to track for another very slippery lap. Several cars parking it in the gravel next to each other one by one … And Marcus Winkelhock leading the race on his race debut in the worse car of them all … Awesome…

Then the reason prevailed and race was stopped. I must admit, at that moment all I was able to tell was that Winkelhock had the lead. Half an hour later the race was restarted behind the safety car. Another 2 hours later Alonso crossed the finish line ahead of Massa, Webber and Wurz.McLaren
After the heavy crash on Saturday, Hamilton was lucky he could race. It was always going to be difficult starting from P10. His start however was excellent and he made up several place before getting to Turn 1. Then his car slowed down significantly and lost several positions. Rain came, he slipped off the track and at the restart he found himself lucky to be there and a lap down. He drove excellent race then, recording several fastest laps and at the end only narrowly missed out on points. His overtaking maneuver on Fisichella was one of the racing highlights of the race.

Alonso was lucky to win. Even per his own words it would have been impossible without the late rain intervention. But to be fair to him, he was getting the best out of the car during the whole race. He made the current performance gap between McLaren and Ferrari look much smaller than what it probably is. Good win, and he is right there back in the championship fight.

Massa made good start and gained a position. Then benefited from Kimi sliding out of the pitlane entry when the rainstorm came. He held Alonso off at the restart and it all lokked like he is going to win. The weather meant otherwise. He lost the lead with only few laps go on the again wet track.

Kimi was unfortunate he felt behind Massa and Alonso during the rainstorm mayhem. But afterwards he was clearly faster then Alonso. The car however did not last. And this looks like a serious dent into his title aspirations. Only 7 races to go, 7 points behind Massa, Ferrari faces some strategic decisions if the drivers title is what they want …

Red Bull
What a result for them. Both cars made it to finish and that would have been a feast already. Webber’s podium is excellent result for the team. And Coulthard finishing 5th after starting 20th, that is the cherry on the pie. It looked like Webber’s speech at the post race interviews will never end ….

Wurz again managed the messy race well, and after 3rd in Montreal finished 4th here. And he almost made the podium again after the lat corner fight with Webber. He is now 8 points ahead of Nico Rosberg who seems to have no luck at all …

Disappointing result for them. This was their chance for a podium. Instead both their drivers were lucky not to have taken each other out of the race. Hower 6th and 7th means they extended their lead over Renault. Heidfeld managed to send Ralf Schumacher out of the race in the process.

The strategic gamble robbed Kovalainen of 5th place. Tyre switch a lap too early perhaps and he lost 3 places. Fisichella was out of it for most of the weekend. His fights with Hamilton were excellent though.

Ralf was pushed off the track by Heidfeld and Trulli was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. No points after some promising showing on Friday and Saturday.

Button was one those who parked the cars in the same corner in the storm. Barrichello’s car did work well. Opportunity for some points lost here.

Toro Rosso
Both cars went off in the rainstorm, their race only lasted for 3 laps.

Super Aguri
With some luck they could have scored some points. No luck and no points.

Sutil was another of the rainstorm victims. Winkelhock on the other hand had his five minutes of fame, leading the race on his race debut. Let’s hope he enjoyed it. There is no guarantee he will be back for the next race in Hungary.

There were 5 German pilots on the grid, only one of them, Heidfeld, finished the race.

Another one, Michael Schumacher presented the constructor trophy to his old pal Ron Dennis of McLaren.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unoficial translation :-)

    Alonso: “You broke my sidepod there…, go and have a look at it!”
    Massa: “Go **** yourself! You’ve won and you say something like this, ******, you win and say something like this.”
    Alonso: “I fought with Heidfeld, i fought with everyone, but you can’t do that.”
    Massa: (Touching Alonso) “Try to learn something”
    Alonso: “You try to learn something”
    Massa: “Try to learn something!”
    Alonso: “Try to learn something, i fought with all the world today, and with 3 laps to go, we touch!”
    Massa: (sitting on his chair) “Good job!”
    Alonso: “Good job!”
    Massa: (Standing up, sarcastic tone) “I did that on purpose, like i did that on porpuse in Barcelona!”
    Alonso: “Ok, ok…”
    Massa: (Touching Alonso) “Try to learn something”
    Massa: (Looking to someone who invite him to relax) “That’s him!”
    Fia official: “Quiet!”

  2. Vik says:

    Let me say my 2 cents.

    Alonso things just bescause he’s 2 title of championship, no one can touch him. The touch between massa and him, was totally normal. Therefore, Alonso just because win, started to be unmannered. Massa responses was totally fair to him. Also Ron Donnis shut his mouth after Ron Donnis saying to Massa: “Be cool” He got answered by :”Check ur driver first, fuck you”

    Then he shut his mouth..

    But the hilarius scene was both brazilian and spanish, talking in italian language.


  3. F1 Wolf says:

    Well, Alonso cries everytime things don’t go smooth for him :-)

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