Formula 1 – British GP – Race Review

British GP provided quite interesting race. As it is becoming a habit the strategy in pit stops decided the final order. But thanks to Massa we could also see some serious on the track overtaking.

I expected Raikkonen to win after the qualifying. He was all over Hamilton during his first stint. Once Hamilton disappeared into the pits, it was pretty clear Kimi will get ahead. There was still Alonso to deal with. But once Alonso went for his second pit stop, Kimi did several quick laps, opened up a gap and came back from his last pit stop ahead of Alonso with few seconds to spare. At the end pretty convincing win. Massa’s misfortune helped Kimi to climb to 3rd in championship.
Massa’s car stalled at the start. What followed was impressive recovery from 21st to 5th. It may have looked like the backmarkers and midfield cars made it easy for him to pass. But with nothing to loose it was Massa’s aggressive drive that made it look easy. Then for last 11 laps he kept trying to get better off Kubica. But by this time with 4 points in the bag he was a bit more careful and with Kubica not making any mistakes Massa had to settle for 5th. Nevertheless, impressive drive.

McLaren drivers seemed to accept the fact that they were no match for Ferrari this weekend. Hamilton went for pole position fame and that compromised his race. Alonso took a gamble on short middle stint to get ahead of Kimi after 1st pit stop. It worked but only till 2nd pit stops. Kimi was simply much faster. It would be interesting to see what the pace of Hamilton would be if Massa was in the picture … The size of the gap between to McLarens may be down to different tyre strategy. But more likely with no challenge from behind Hamilton settled for 3rd once both Kimi and Alonso were ahead of him. We could also see probably the first obvious mistake from Hamilton – it looked like he wanted to do “Albers” in the pits …

BMWs had another solid race. They took a risk in the Q2 on Saturday and Heidfeld almost got squeezed out of top 10. But their race was their usual solid performance. Kubica 4th , Heidfeld 6th, the only cars that finished on the same lap with McLarens and Ferraris. After difficult start to the weekend they must be happy with the result and extension of their lead over Renault.

Renaults will be disappointed with not closing on BMWs. But 2 cars in the points regularly is probably the best they can hope for the rest of the season unless the top 3 teams run into problems.

Honda did not any extra points to the 1 from Magny Cours. But solid 9th and 10th indicates that they are settling in the higher end of the midfield. Not what they hoped for at the beginning of the season, but definitely step forward.

Williams must be disappointed. Their performances on Friday and Saturday morning were pointing to possible double points finish. Technical problems let them down again… There was the same story in Toyota camp. They looked fast but at the and no car made it to the finish line …

Red Bull raced cars with lots of faces on, but that was the only thing worth mentioning about them. Webber retired very early, DC finished 11th just ahead of Williams cars. Both Toro Rosso retired, pity for them as their pace was not too bad in Silverstone.

Sutil engine blew nicely, we do not see that too often nowadays. Albers made it to finish, last as usual.

Sato’s race was pretty much over before it started, from garage … But he still managed to finish ahead of Albers … Davidson had mechanical problems, the team tried to put him back on track several laps down, but at the end retired anyway. Weekend to forget for Aguri…

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