Formula 1 – US GP Race Review

Another race, another great performance from McLaren and Lewis Hamilton. He won in Montreal fair and square. But his job was made a bit easier as his main rival had the bad luck with the safety car. Those chasing him were no match for him and he could only throw the race win away by himself. Indianapolis was totally different story.

Alonso was quicker over the whole weekend except the Q3 session in qualifying and that is what made the difference at the end.Hamilton took full advantage of his pole position, made a good start and defended well at turn 1. After that he had Alonso on his tail for the whole race. The gap between them was less than 3 seconds all the race with some wheel to wheel racing on occasions. I really can’t remember when was the last time we saw such a close and real fight between team mates. I can understand Alonso’s disappointment at the end after finishing second in a marginally quicker car. But, he could have spared us his long face … It was his best performance on this track so far after all and a very good one.

Ferrari had better race than the previous 2 but still, all they could do were 3rd and 4th places. The points gap is growing in both championships and they have lot to do before the next race. Kimi lost to Massa again. But this time after slow start (perhaps because of his harder tyres) he finally shown some of his speed. He clocked the fastest lap of the race, and I believe if the guy in front of was not his team mate he would have taken the 3rd place. For Massa this was another solid race, he did not seem to make any mistakes the whole race and gap between him and McLarens was purely down to the car performance.

Renault showed further improvement, good day again for Heikki Kovalainen. Fisichella showed some fighting spirit, but unfortunately only after his own mistake relegated him all the way down the grid.

Trulli brought his Toyota home in points again. Ralf did not make it beyond turn 1.

This time it was Webber’s turn to collect some points for Red Bull. He had good race, as he usually does, and this time his car lasted the whole distance.

Vettel scored a point on his debut. He had a good race but must say, he was lucky to survive the first corner. The retirement of Nico Rosberg 4 laps from finish also helped. But whatever the circumstances, scoring a point as a 19 year old on a race debut, after being called up on such a short notice, that is impressive. Heidfeld made few mistakes yesterday and later retired after the car broke down. He found himself nice chair in the shadow to watch the rest of the race.

Nico Rosberg had another impressive race. Low 14 on the grid, made up several places right after start and looked set for solid 6th place finish. Then his engine blew up with 4 laps to go. He did not even try to put a brave face on and we could all see his angry self. Wurz wasted lots of time in traffic behind Toro Rosso and never looked like finishing in points.

Hondas had their usual 2007 race day. One car went out quickly (Barrichello) and the other racing the lower midfield runners. Seeing Button being overtaken by Davidson in Aguri – that must feel like a bad dream in Honda garage…

Super Aguri did not add anything to their point tally this week. Sato had another impressive ride, but this time he overdid it a bit and beached his car on gravel. He also managed to overtake under yellow flags (or at least gave stewards reason to believe that he did) and will face 10 places grid penalty for French GP. Davidson had an excellent race and finished 11. He can only rue his qualifying result that placed him so far back on the starting grid.

Toro Rossos did a good job of moving chicanes. They were not able to do a quick lap, but their low downforce set up made them the fastest cars on the straight line and very difficult to overtake. They spoiled few peoples’ race, but well, they are not there to make it easy for others.

Sutil had some good moments climbing up the field. At the end they again finished where they seem to belong at the moment. Albers was again clearly beaten by his rookie team mate.

We all know that the F1 is not the most popular sport in the USA. But one would expect at least the marshals to understand what is the whole thing about, especially those with the blue flags. The blue flag should not be waived every time when one car approaches the other, only if the one in front is going to be lapped! And – you do not throw the blue flag on the track in fastest part of the track near the start finish line!

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  1. perkonis says:

    I was starting to think I was the only one who noticed the deal with the blue flags. It seemed especially bad on the front straight. I think if the safety car had been deployed they probably would have waved it at Bernd too.

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