Formula 1 – Canadian GP – Race Review (with videos)

And we had an exciting race. I was not alone predicting several safety car deployments and that is what happened. What a shame that the safety car periods lead to penalties and black flags. But that is topic for separate post.

Lewis Hamilton finally made it to the top of the podium. And that means the end of the discussions about him leading the championship without winning the race.

I do not really want to add up to the Hamilton hype but he did not put a foot wrong yesterday, won it from start and 4 restarts to the finish. He had his lead wiped off 4 times by safety car but he was never really challenged. He now finished on the podium 6 times in the row, in all his F1 races and is a worthy championship leader.Fernando Alonso blames safety car for his result, but sorry Fernando, that is one lame excuse. His drive was poor, not sure if the car was not handling well, but he went out to check the grass few times before the safety car came out.

Not sure if this was his worst drive but it will rank somewhere there. The penalty for him is simply bad luck but with so many consequent safety cars he had his chances to get higher up the table. At the end he was overtook by Sato and he did not even seem to be fighting him …

Heidfeld was great. What a turnaround after Saturday morning practice. I am convinced he would have ended up on podium even without the safety cars and penalties to other drivers.

Kubica is one lucky boy. His was the most horrifically looking crash I have seen in years. Getting away with just a leg injury, that is very very lucky. Hope he gets well soon.

Massa looked well set for at least 3rd when the 1st safety car came out in a not very suitable moment for him. He was recovering pretty well after that, but the black flag ended his race. Shame for him, but at least he only lost 2 points to Alonso.

Kimi was quite lame, he did not start very well, lost few places and never really looked like racing. Later on he picked up some debris and that did not help him much. At the end, he made up 4 points on Massa and 2 on Alonso and only lost 6 to Hamilton, so can consider this as a decent damage limitation.

What a day for Alex Wurz. Two weeks after scoring first point of the season he ends up on the podium. His 3rd is a result of some luck and strategy for sure, but there were other drivers in better cars he did not take the chances. Well done, very well done …

Nico Rosberg was on a course for very good finish but unlike his team mate, he had the luck running away from him. The synchronized spinning with Toyota was a beauty :-)

Heikki Kovalainen had a horrible weekend, started from last place on the grid and finished 4th. Good job, pretty much on par with the performance of Alex Wurz. Fisi felt a victim to safety car incident, shame, he was running strongly …

Sato … What a story! He did not have luck elevating him to 6th, he fought, he overtook and he deserved his 3 points. This was probably the best race of his career. His team mate was unlucky with the beaver but 6 and 11 is good result for the team. Besides McLaren only Super Aguri brought both cars to finish line.

Ralf Schumacher scored a point and he must be reasonably happy with how the race went for him. Trulli hit the wall …

Honda again wasted chance for points, same as in Monaco. There is something seriously rotten in that team. There is nobody planning the race strategy there?

Webber must be pulling his hair for failing to score after some seriously good race performance from him.

Spykers and Toro Rossos made the fun by crashing and inviting the safety car out, so thanks to them for the excitement.

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  1. Vik says:

    There’s no special reason to close pitlane when Mass Left it.

    In another hand, we can see Alonso and Heidfield using it when the first safety car deploy came. He got “only” 10 secs, if you see, it’s fair enough, but comparing to Black Flag MASSA and FISICHELA, was no reason!

  2. Vik says:

    Another commentary.

    I’m not talking because I’m Brazilian. Indeed I think Massa and Hamilton are showing they are good and can dispute the title of this year. But you see Alonso show so mediocre race when Massa was “building” the race. Massa could get at least, 3rd place easy.
    Now, with 13 points hamilton ahead, and 11 away from alonso. You’ll be hard.

    Ron Dennis now is under pressure, since new manager/director from McLaren are showing his job after this 2 good results. I forgot his name now, but the he’s the man behind Lewis.

  3. F1 Wolf says:

    That’s exactly what I would like to know, why there was red light at the pit lane exit… Not much reason in my opinion

    However, once Massa and Fisi exited the pit lane under red light, the penalty had to be expected, same happened to Montoya 2 years ago, stewards did not have much choice …

  4. […] this may have something to do with the safety standards of the Canadian track perhaps following the massive Robert Kubica’s shunt in 2007. But again, if there were safety issues to be taken care of, one would expect at least some sort of […]

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