Formula 1 – Bahrain GP Review

I can’t make up my mind whether the race was exciting or boring. We had a winner who led the race from lights to flag followed by the same guy all the time. On the other hand some cars crashed out in first corner (first time this season), some (Honda) engines blew up, Heidfeld overtook Alonso, Coulthard overtook perhaps ten other cars, Rosberg visited the run off areas several times while fighting for position …

There is this funny web page showing the race animations – click on and see.

Massa won, but Hamilton was all the time right there behind him. This race result may be very important for these two guys, especially for Massa.

He proved he can win the race and beat Kimi. Same as Kimi in Australia he had pole, fastest lap and the race win. Hamilton for the first time managed to beat Alonso. He did it once, he can do it again. Now we have 3 races behind us and both Ferrari and McLaren still have no clear no. 1 and no. 2. Massa seems to able to extract more speed from the car than Kimi over 1 lap. Starting behind Massa compromised 2 races for Kimi already. He simply needs to qualify ahead of Massa. Hamilton is clearly at least on par with Alonso and McLaren now openly says that he CAN fight for the title (meaning, he is allowed).

Alonso’s performance was quite disappointing. He might have had problems with the car handling, but he made it way too easy for Heidfeld to pass him. A commentator on Star Sports suggested that perhaps he is saving his engine for next race, as would love to win back home in Spain. Why would he do that? Why would he sacrifice points here to get them elsewhere, especially when it is so tight at the top. Looked more like he simply took day off yesterday once he found out the car is not much to his liking. Fifth place can hardly be called fall from grace as Planet-F1 is suggesting, but his reaction on Hamilton’s performance looks like sign of some tension. (His response to the observation that team-mate Lewis Hamilton had once again performed superbly – “Yes.”). I wonder how will Alonso handle the fact that he is not in the centre of all the attention as he was in Renault.

BMW is getting closer. Heidfeld came in 4th again, that means that in every race he finished ahead of either Ferrari or McLaren. There may be different reasons for that, but it is clear that once BMW is ahead, they can stay there. For them to fight for podium or race wins perhaps all they need to do is to squeeze 2-3 tenths a lap in qualifying and start ahead of McLarens or Ferraris.

Renaults may be disappointing this season, but Fisichella finished in points again and the team sits in solid 4th in constructors. Alonso’s performance this weekend may help Fisi cause. If Alonso drove pretty bad race in a top car, what could he do in Renault … However, I wonder what will be the implications of Fisi not obeying Flavio’s radio order to get ahead of Trulli …

Williams did not do too good. They had the pace on Friday and Saturday, firmly as a 4th fastest team. But then they qualified 10th and 11th and finished at same positions. Rosberg may come up with whatever excuses he wants, but going off the track every time he tries to overtake is his fault.

Red Bulls, especially Coulthard, had impressive run, until both cars broke down. The cars are clearly set up on the limit, perhaps just beyond the limit right now. But they seem to be on a way up, let’s see what happens after the break.

Honda must be relieved that the 4 weeks break finally arrived. The car was basically only able to beat Spykers on the track, and that is sad. Moreover, 2 Honda engines went up in smoke at the back of the Aguri cars, Button’s engine failed on Friday and that is another reason for worry …

Toyota has been a quiet achiever. They finished in points at every race so far. Ralf Schumacher should up his game though, because fighting it there with Spykers and Hondas at the back while Trulli is in points will not help him to keep his seat …

Spyker had both cars finishing the race and that is probably as much as they can hope for, at least for now.

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